Boyfriend Gets Girlfriend’s Eyes Tattooed On His Arm — Then Cheats On Her

Some said she was watching him cheat...yikes.

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For most people, tattoos are special, memorable, and resemble something of great importance and value. It’s something that you’ll be reminded of every day, and for some people, that’s a beautiful thing.

However, it's important to remember that tattoos last forever. Unfortunately, sometimes the relationships they represent are not, as one woman on TikTok came to find out.

The woman explained that her boyfriend got her eyes tattooed on his arm, only to cheat on her a week later.

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A TikTok user that goes by the name of "@anythingwcoffee" reposted a deleted video originally posted by "@44liyuhh" showing Aaliyah excited about her boyfriend getting her eyes tattooed on his arm.

In the original video, Aaliyah danced around her kitchen and included several pictures of his arm and the picture of her eyes that he had used as a reference for the tattoo. She captioned the video, “me because my bf got my eyes tatted,” showing off her happiness and excitement when she showed her followers a picture of her now ex-boyfriend's arm. The video received over 3 million likes before it was deleted.


Aaliyah then made a duet with the original video revealing that her boyfriend cheated on her.



Many said that her happiness did not age well and that tattoos of a significant other are recognized as a curse. The timespan between both videos was about one week, and Aaliyah had deleted both posts about her ex-boyfriend.

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People made jokes about the situation in the comments and even mentioned how she should have expected this to happen. 

Comments like, “she was literally watching” and “at least she got to watch” were popular types of jokes throughout the comment section. Many wrote that they saw it coming, and that the unfortunate circumstance was highly expected. Some were even happy about the breakup and said they “never felt happier.”

Others wrote, “Even the ones who seem loyal and sweet to do something like that still cheat” and that this situation makes men look bad. Despite the jokes, being cheated on is an awful situation and leaves many with a loss of trust, and some have a hard time mentally recovering. 

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Many say that relationship tattoos are 'cursed' and 'bad luck.'

There's an infamous superstition that couples who get matching tattoos, their partner's name, or anything tattooed about their significant other curse their relationship. The closest thing we have to a real study is a 2006 post from Body Modification Ezine, via Authority Tattoo, which says "Breakups happen to around 80% of the people who get husband or wife name tattoos."


There’s no scientific evidence behind this myth, but many say that it jinxes a couple’s relationship and can introduce conflict in many areas. Some even commented referring to their superstition and wrote, “This is why you never get a tattoo of or with your partner.” This comment caused a small debate in the comments with others who said that “the only thing that ruins a relationship are the people.”

This myth has come to life a few times online, but that doesn’t mean partners are breaking up because of the tattoo. A breakup, or a case of cheating, directly involves the couple or person at hand, not a piece of art on a body. 

Getting cheated on is a heartbreaking experience for most, especially when you are manipulated into believing that you were the only one. Hopefully, Aaliyah can find a way to cope and happily move on.


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