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TikToker Josh Richards Claims Olivia Ponton Made A Move On Him After Getting Back Together With Her Ex

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Josh Richards, Olivia Ponton, Kai Novak

TikTok stars Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak have found themselves in more relationship drama six months after their breakup.

Ponton and Novak were rumored to be back together but it seems they may have already hit the rocks as Novak is back to posting subtle digs at her on-again off-again ex-girlfriend.

Their confusing relationship status comes after fellow TikTok star Josh Richards claimed Ponton had been trying to “hang out” with him while she was reportedly back with Novak.

Are Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak back together?

The simple answer is: it’s complicated. Ponton and Novak did appear to be getting close again but they may already have cut their reconciliation short.

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Olivia and Kai had hinted that they were rebuilding their relationship.

In early February, Novak posted a TikTok with the text, “Do you ever think about our future together?”

This was followed by several sweet details about a life with a certain mystery partner that was on her mind.

However, the mystery was soon solved when Ponton commented, “you know me so well,” insinuating that the TikTok was about her. 

The former couple were a fan favorite on TikTok after beginning their relationship in January 2021 before sadly splitting in August or September of the same year.

Josh Richards claims Olivia had made a move on him while dating Kai.

While interviewing Bryce Hall on his podcast, “BFFs,” Richards exposed some details that could damage Ponton and Novak’s reconciliation.

Hall and Richards claimed Ponton had recently called Richards asking to hang out.

“She was really trying to get him to come over,” Hall explains before Richards interjects and claims Ponton wanted him to come to New York, where she lives.

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Of course, there is no way of knowing why – or if – Ponton wanted to meet up with Richards and there could be a perfectly harmless explanation for her call. 

Kai then posted an Instagram story appearing to say that she and Olivia were not together.

Novak was sharing a recent TikTok of hers in which she can be heard saying, “I want someone to love me, just kidding I already have that.”

In her repost of the TikTok, which can be seen in the video below, she writes “Well one could say this aged interestingly since I filmed it last week.”



This implied that she no longer has “someone to love.”

Olivia was previously accused of cheating on Kai.

Fans of the couple will know that these recent events are very reminiscent of the couple’s first break up last year.

The pair ended things after a TikTok went viral in which a girl claimed her ex-boyfriend had flown out to hang out with Ponton. 

Upon doing some digging, fans discovered that this likely happened right around the time Ponton and Novak were starting to date. 

Novak then commented on that TikTok writing, “When the truth comes out.”

The couple stopped sharing posts together around this time and don’t appear to have hung out since, until the recent TikTok comments. 

Now it seems history may be repeating itself, or else it’s all just one big misunderstanding.

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