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TikToker Olivia Ponton Accused Of Cheating On Girlfriend Kai Novak & Flirting With Another Girl’s Boyfriend Online

Photo: Olivia Ponton / Instagram / ohkai_ / TikTok
Olivia Ponton Kai Novak

Another day, another TikTok drama. Rumors that Olivia Ponton and her girlfriend Kai Novak have broken up are swirling on the app.

From cheating allegations to not-so-subtle comments, these two definitely appear to be on the rocks.

Olivia is a former Hype House member who previously dated Kio Cyr but has gotten tons of support after coming out as bisexual and revealing her relationship status with Kai. 

Did Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak break up?

The couple have been loved by fans since going public earlier this year but the internet may be left heartbroken if the rumors are true.

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Olivia may have cheated on Kai.

The latest drama between the couple began when TikTok user @sfcrawford posted a video that read, “When you guys break up and 2 weeks later Olivia Ponton tries to fly him out to LA.”

As commenters began to speculate on whether Olivia was doing this behind her girlfriend’s back, Kai — or Kaila Novak — commented on the video.

“When the truth comes out,” she wrote, causing people to speculate even further.

In a now-deleted TikTok from early this year, Olivia had dueted a video of a boy believed to be @sfcrawford’s ex-boyfriend.

“Please be my valentine,” she wrote on the duet. 

The alleged cheating happened early in Kai and Olivia’s relationship.

While Kai and Olivia didn’t go public with their relationship until the summer of this year, they did start dating several months prior.

In an interview in June, Olivia confirmed that she and Kai had begun regularly seeing each other in January and were dating privately since February. 

The girl who posted the original TikTok captioned her video, “February was a difficult time.”

If the allegations are true, Olivia may have been trying to fly this mystery man out while she was dating Kai. 

Kai has been hinting that her and Olivia are broken up.

Clearly upset, Kai seems to be hinting at heartbreak online. 

She commented on a video about the importance of showing people you love them and the pain of heartbreak.

“I hope she sees this,” she wrote below the video of a fellow TikToker crying.

She also posted several Instagram stories about loss and personal growth.

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Kai hinted she got ‘stood up’ by Olivia.

Kai also posted about getting “stood up” on a coffee date and said she bought the drink she thinks her date would have gotten — a pumpkin spice latte.

And what did Olivia mention in a caption about several days ago? You guessed it — pumpkin spice lattes.

That said, Kai is currently in LA while Olivia is in New York so it’s unclear if the “date” was with her girlfriend or another friend. 

Olivia was previously accused of ‘faking’ her relationship with Kai.

This isn’t the first time the pair have found themselves in drama. 

In May, a former friend of Kai’s, named Rilie, claimed the relationship was all for clout and shared messages she alleged were from Kai.

“Every single thing is for views, every word and comment is carefully planned out to get some kind of reaction,” one of the so-called messages read.

Kai accused Rilie of faking the texts and editing her contact names to make it appear as if she had sent the messages when in reality it was from a different phone number.

Both Olivia and Kai denied faking their relationship with Kai claiming Rilie is just jealous of her new girlfriend. 

Real or not, their relationship may not be officially over which is heartbreaking because let’s face it — they were super cute!

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