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Kim Kardashian & Meek Mill Are Rumored To Be Secretly Dating — And There’s Proof

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Rumors are swirling amongst Kardashian family insiders that Kim Kardashian and Meek Mill are secretly dating. 

According to inside sources, Kim, 42, and Meek, 35, are dating after being long-term friends.

Fans will know that this isn't the first time the two have been linked but this time it seems like it isn't just Kanye West who is making the allegation. 

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Are Kim Kardashian and Meek Mill dating?

Reports have surfaced that Kardashian and Meek's friendship turned romantic. 

The reality TV star's most recent relationship was with Pete Davidson for nine months, after her divorce from West — which was finalized in November 2022. 

Sources claim Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian have been secretly dating. 

music industry insider reportedly stated, "Kim and Meek have been in contact. I was with him [last week] and he was texting her. I don’t know what it was about but he was acting like it was personal.”

The two are expected to make various public appearances at the same places in the next few months.

The insider claimed, “Kim and Meek are both booked for the Super Bowl, and both will be attending the Oscars after party.”

“Meek typically doesn’t go to the Oscars — but Kim’s team made it possible for him to attend.”

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Kim Kardashian’s jet recently flew to Philadelphia, where Meek Mill lives.

Media sources obtained alleged proof that Kim flew her private jet, which is owned by her LLC Noel Air, to Philadelphia where the rapper, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, calls his hometown. 

The two seem to have been spending more time together, though Kardashian and Meek have been linked before.

Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian previously worked together on a justice project.

In November 2018, Kardashian and Meek met at the Waldorf Astoria hotel for lunch with philanthropist Clara Wu, to allegedly discuss prison reform.

Kanye West once accused Kim Kardashian of having an affair with Meek Mill but no evidence linked them romantically.

After the meeting, Kardashian's then-husband, West, sent out a barrage of tweets accusing her of having an affair with Meek Mill. 

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In the series of now-deleted tweets, West claimed “I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf [sic] for ‘prison reform.'”

The tweets continued, “Meek is my man and was respectful,” and “Kim was out of line.”

Meek denied the affair, taking to Twitter to claim “sh-t is cappp c’mon,” using cappp as a slang term for lies. 

It seems now that the tides have turned. 

Whether or not Kardashian and Meek were romantically involved when they met in 2018, it appears more than likely that they’re dating currently.

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