Why Casey Affleck Allegedly Wasn't On The Guest List For Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez's Wedding

The brothers are reportedly at odds with one another.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated tying the knot over a whole weekend of celebrations down in Georgia, but many noticed that some key people in both of their lives weren’t in attendance.

While reports are revealing what Casey Affleck, Ben’s younger brother, was really up to during the celebrations in Georgia, many are wondering the real reason Casey didn’t show.

Why wasn't Casey Affleck and en Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding?

Casey Affleck allegedly didn’t go to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding because he wasn’t on the guest list.


This morning, someone asked DeuxMoi, an anonymous gossip discussion page on Instagram, “Why was Casey Affleck not at the wedding? Is there beef between the bros?”

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Originally, DeuxMoi’s response was somewhat vague, saying “Allegedly… Yes. More of a distancing.”

Later on, a source told DeuxMoi that Casey was never even on the guest list and that’s why he never showed up to the wedding, meaning that all of the excuses were to cover up their beef from the media.

To avoid assumptions that Lopez was the reason behind Casey not being there, DeuxMoi posted another update to say, “[With Casey] it’s about him & Ben…not JLo.”


It would appear that the brothers are in a bit of a rough spot right now, and there’s no telling why.

While Ben’s personal life consistently hits tabloid headlines and social media trending pages, Casey is more reserved and off the grid, likely adding to the air of mystery around their “distancing,” as it was described.

Casey Affleck was reportedly with his son on the day of Ben and JLo's wedding.

According to Page Six, the 47-year-old “Manchester by the Sea” actor told the paparazzi Saturday morning that he had “other things” to do during a quick Starbucks run.

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As it turns out, “other things” meant taking his girlfriend, actress Caylee Cowan, out for ice cream at Van Leeuwen in Los Feliz Saturday.

Since he couldn’t be there, Casey decided that he would make a post on Instagram to mark the start of Ben and JLo’s lives together, sharing a photo of the three of them walking down a road together.

“Good things are worth waiting for,” he set the caption for the post. “Here is to twists and turns, new beginnings, and finding new reservoirs of old love. Welcome to the family. Get ready for some real dysfunction! Kidding. I am kidding. Jen, you are a gem. We love you so much!!!”


Cowan, adding to the list of reasons why Casey was stuck in Los Angeles, wrote “Hey, if you weren’t in town Saturday to take Atty to soccer practice then who would’ve helped the kid who broke his arm? You’re a good man. I love you.”

The comment, which references Casey's son Atticus, has since been deleted, adding to the strangeness of it all and only reinforcing the idea that only those closest to the brothers know what’s really going on.

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