Emily Ratajkowski's Husband Reportedly Cheated On Her — What Fan Reactions Are Getting Wrong

Appearance has nothing to do with cheating.

Emily Ratajkowski, Sebastian Bear-McClard DFree | Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock | Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is reportedly gearing up to divorce her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard after he allegedly cheated on her multiple times throughout their marriage.

The cheating rumors first surfaced after celebrity gossip site Deux Moi posted an anonymous tip about Bear-McClard, writing that they'd heard about the alleged cheating allegations, but didn't "have any additional [information]."

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However, a source told Page Six that Bear-McClard, who had been married to Ratajkowski for four years, is supposedly a "serial cheater."

“Yeah, he cheated,” the source claimed. “He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.”

Emily Ratajowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard's cheating rumors have generated a problematic response.

The two initially sparked breakup rumors after Ratajkowski was spotted on July 14 walking around New York City without her wedding ring, though Bear-McClard was spotted still wearing his. 

The cheating rumors were further heightened after social media influencer and comedian Claudia Oshry, said there has been talk about the two calling it quits over Bear-McClard allegedly cheating on Ratajkowski.


“That’s kind of like what’s happening with Emily Ratajkowski,” Oshry said during an episode of “The Morning Toast” podcast.

“It’s, like, known that her husband has cheated on her and they’re filing for divorce, but literally, I went to make it a [Instagram] Story today, and it’s not been written up, so I’m like, how do I know this? Like, everyone just knows it.”

“When the inevitable Instagram post or PR statement comes out, we won’t be that surprised," she added.

Social media erupted over the news of Bear-McClard allegedly cheating on Ratajkowsi, with many people saying the same things: "How did she get cheated on?"

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The response is related to the fact that Ratajkowski is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and has been labeled such by many publications. 

The fact that a woman who looks like Ratajkowski, with a flat stomach and perfect face, can still get cheated on has baffled the internet.

This seemed to be the same response for Beyoncé, who was cheated on by her husband, Jay-Z, and Shakira, who was allegedly cheated on by her boyfriend, Gerard Pique.


The fact of the matter is, that this rhetoric feeds into the narrative that when a man cheats on a woman it's because she's not desirable anymore when the problem lies solely in the man's ability to remain faithful. It never has anything to do with how "hot" or how "ugly" a woman is.

Anytime a man cheats on a woman, that is solely his own fault. Appearance is not, and will never be, the catalyst for cheating.


There is not a woman in the world who deserves an unfaithful partner but when we spread the idea that it is more shocking for women like Ratajkowski to get cheated on we are suggesting that other women are less sympathetic than she is.



It's internalized misogyny for a woman to have to look inward when a man cheats on them, often using the term "strayed," as if it's a woman's fault that a man has looked elsewhere while in a committed relationship.


If the rumors are true about Bear-McClard, his decision to step out of his marriage is his own fault, and instead of people looking at Ratajkowski's appearance, they need to look at why he made that choice in the first place and note that it has nothing to do with her.

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