3 Zodiac Signs Finally Get What They Want On July 7, 2024

We are able to make something out of what we learn on this day.

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Success abounds on July 7, 2024, and if we look at what's going on astrologically, we can see that three zodiac signs will be particularly open to this. 

One of the things we can look forward to is good news that opens up the doors to more and more good news. Because we have the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury at our backs, supporting our reactions and our efforts, we can make something out of what we learn on Sunday, July 7, 2024.


We may notice that the day is lazy and easy-going with no big events, but that's not really what's going to burst open the doors to success for us. Let's think of it this way: this is a good day to stay open to what others suggest, as their words may spark amazing insight and inspiration in us.

Three zodiac signs finally get what they want on July 7, 2024:

1. Aries

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This Sunday has you feeling relaxed in the knowledge that you're about to start a new week with a plan in mind and success as a goal. If you are looking for some kind of affirmation, you will find that it comes to you on July 7 through the power of Moon conjunct Mercury, which lets you know that you are definitely on the right track for success.

Something you do on this day starts the motion up, and you'll find that it all has to do with how you communicate your thoughts to those around you who might be able to help you with your goals. While success may be on its way to finding you, you are also doing your best to prevent any obstacles from blocking its path.

It may be a Sunday, but you get word at this time that something is going through — some great idea, some wonderful action. It's happening, Aries, and you are a part of it. The wheels are now in motion, and you are going to play your part to the very end. When success finds you on July 7, you will be there standing on a welcome mat.

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2. Virgo

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Just as you thought you might not be getting what you want in terms of something that takes place in the office or workplace, you find that good news seeks you out on Sunday, July 7. During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, it appears that things are about to work out very well for you, much to your surprise.

While you didn't want to think that you were being taken for granted, you also had it in mind to stay positive and believe that your good, hard work would be rewarded at some point, though you were never sure as to when. You'll find that the word is out: success is here and now, and while it may take you a moment or two to get it, you'll see that it's real.


When you walk into work tomorrow, you can expect great things to take place, and all of it is because you hung in there, Virgo. You didn't let life get you down. You stayed with your vision of success, and now, you get to live it out — and happily, at that. So congratulations on your success, and we are happy that Moon conjunct Mercury got to reach you.

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3. Sagittarius

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Success finds you on this day as the realizations and revelations seem to be pouring for you these days, Sagittarius. You are not only allowing all of this positive energy to flow into your life, you are making more and more room for it as you go. You've come to learn that staying open to the idea that this kind of abundance is possible and that it's best to make a space for it.

And with the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury doing its best work on Sunday, July 7, you'll see that you're a natural when it comes to success. You aren't shy about good things coming into your life and there's no pretense where you're concerned. You attract success because you feel as though you are just as entitled to it as the next person.

Your optimism is what gets you there, Sagittarius, and during Moon conjunct Mercury, success finds a singular path into your life where you can take it and make even more out of it. That's what you do: you elaborate on the good, you expand the positive and you make great things out of small but promising events. This is your talent.


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