2 Lucky Zodiac Signs Receive The Most Abundance On June 17, 2024

As several planets begin to move into the Cancer zodiac sign we feel a shift in the universe's energy.

2 Lucky Zodiac Signs Receive The Most Abundance On June 17, 2024 Kimberrywood From Suchoa Lertadipat's Images, Believe_In_Me From Getty Images

On June 17, 2024, Mercury and Venus will transition from the clever sign of Gemini into the empathic waters of Cancer, where they will reside until July 11, 2024. This planetary shift will usher in significant changes in how we approach our relationships, values, and creativity as the focus turns from intellectual curiosity to heartfelt connections.

In astrology, Cancers are ruled by the fourth house, so naturally, their mythology revolves around themes of home, family, and security. They are known as protectors of the zodiac, whereas their opposite sign, Capricorn, is known as the provider of the zodiac. So, naturally, Venus in Cancer is a very empathetic time and will bring us luck in all matters of the heart and home.


Mercury (a.k.a. the planet of communication and thinking) also joins Venus in Cancer today, which will help to amplify these themes by enhancing our intuition and emotional intelligence. Our thoughts and communications will become more empathetic and sensitive during this time. We'll feel an ever-pressing need to have heart-to-heart talks and nurture our connections.


Cancers are also known to be quite the homebodies as well. That's why during these 28 days, you may find prosperity by locking yourself in your room and mastering your craft, building deeper relationships with those you call home, or just making plans for how to do life with your partner soon. Speaking of luck, let’s dive in and see what's happening on June 17, shall we?

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Which zodiac signs will experience the most abundance from the day's shift in energy?

1. Capricorn

With Venus and Mercury moving into Cancer, illuminating your 7th house of partnerships, the cosmos are gearing up to drench your relationships in love. Whether with your significant other, business partners, or closest friends and family, prepare for a wave of empathy and affection to flood your interactions. This next month will bring more warmth and understanding to your relationships, and it’ll be an ideal time to focus on strengthening your bond with your lover or smoothing over any past drama with the fam.

To kick off the day, the semi-sextile with the Moon and Lilith will empower you to express your needs authentically in your relationships. Whether negotiating a deal at work or having a heart-to-heart with your lover, your words will flow tactfully today, helping to smooth things over faster than water under the bridge. However, be mindful of Venus squaring Neptune, which may introduce confusion or idealism into your thought process. While it’s wonderful that you typically try to see the best in people, Cap, make sure you’re really seeing things for what they are and not over-romanticizing the reality of the situation. Be mindful of any conversations you have with loved ones about compromise, which you may happily agree to, only to realize later it’s not what you want. Use this time to foster deeper understanding and empathy rather than glossing over important details.


The Moon (a.k.a. our psyche) is also forming a bi-quintile with Jupiter (a.k.a. the planet of expansion), which is helping to bring you a burst of optimism and growth, especially in your daily routine and work environment. Perhaps you may feel motivated to venture back into an old hobby that brings you joy, or you’ve decided today that you want to dedicate more time each day after work to a hobby project that will later prove to turn into a lucrative income. But, the Moon quincunx Neptune and Moon quincunx Jupiter may suggest a need for some balance between your dreamy ideals and practical realities. Don't dive head over heels in love with the idea of your little side hustle, and let it deter you from other important business to attend to.

Don't fret because, around noon, the Moon bi-quintile Jupiter, Moon quincunx Neptune, and Moon quincunx Jupiter will usher in plans to audit your well-needed quarterly review of the balance you need to strike between your personal values and practical realities. Trust your intuition, Capricorn, and find that sweet, sweet middle ground.

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2. Libra

Libra! Holy cow! With Mercury and Venus entering Cancer and illuminating your 10th house from June 17 to July 20, you're in for some major luck to come your way regarding career advancement! With Mars having entered the fixed earth sign of Taurus (a.k.a your 8th house of shared resources) last week, you may find that you have a renewed vigor to explore your soul ties more deeply or make sound financial investments in general that will better serve you in the long run. With Saturn in the cooperative sign Pisces, illuminating your 6th house, this will also bring in positive shifts to your daily routine, thanks to all your strategic planning. Soon, negotiations or plans may fall into place, allowing you to build your empire just how you like it. Perhaps you just made a negotiation with your boss, like asking for more WFH days, and well… you’re about to get everything you asked for and more.


With Chiron (the wounded healer) also transiting Aries, this may indicate that you will also be healing issues with your partner by embracing vulnerability and authenticity. You may be setting up new ground rules for success in your relationship, which you will see come to fruition around or after June 19, when Chiron enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus.  So, whether it’s love or money, your world is spinning right ‘round this month, Libra!

Today is a day of heightened clarity for you as well, Libra, thanks to the Moon's trine to Mercury and Venus. This cosmic alignment provides you with emotional and intellectual wit, which will help you to express yourself with the perfect balance of charm and diplomacy — I mean, you are the scales, after all!

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Jla Starr Johnson is a journalist whose works have been featured in Reader’s Digest and Best Health. She is currently enrolled in the Professional Astrologer Training and Certification Diploma Program at Astrology University.