3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Rise Above Their Challenges Starting June 17 - 23, 2024

This week will be defined by transits to Neptune.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Rise Above Their Challenges Starting June 17 - 23, 2024 Temo Berishvili from Pexels, blackdovfx from Getty Images | Canva Pro

Three zodiac signs will experience some of the energy from Neptune leading them to overcome challenging horoscopes. Neptune tends to reveal information or paint a deceptive picture that could be promoted by someone else or by ourselves by not really paying attention to what is really happening. Dreams may not turn out to be what you think they are, and this can include situations involving money, relationships, or something else. 


Pipe dreams may fall apart the week of June 17. So focus on reality and don’t get sucked into deceptive plans or people who want to entice you into something that is not above board, and this can include relationships. The most challenged signs this week will be Gemini, Pisces and Cancer.


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These three zodiac signs may experience hardships the week of June 17 - 23, but they will rise above them.

1. Gemini

Gemini, many of you have faced a difficult year already, especially if you were born during the first half of the sign, which is from about May 20 to June 11. This is because taskmaster Saturn has been squaring your Sun. If you were born during the latter degrees of Gemini, Saturn in Pisces has squared your Sun, slowing things down, and Neptune has created confusion and lack of clarity. You could even feel like you are adrift on the ocean with no compass to guide you. This will be another week to be aware of, and stay away from anything that seems too good to be true or that you know in your heart won’t work out.

On Monday, Mercury’s square to Neptune will create confusion, especially if you were born toward the latter degrees of the sign. You may feel incapable of decision-making, and if this is the case, it is in your best interest not to make important decisions at this time. If you must, then make sure you know all the facts. Neptune rules all of those things hidden in our unconscious mind, and these thoughts and feelings have a funny way of making them appear on the surface under a transit like this.

Thursday is a day to watch for conflict at work. If you aren’t careful, either your or someone else’s ego and desire to be right could upset the apple cart.


Friday, the Moon in Sag will oppose your Sun, and there could be conflicts between the sexes, or you may feel off-key. Since the Moon also squares Saturn in the wee morning hours, tiredness and depression could factor in the early morning hours if you are up. By late evening, the Moon squares Neptune just before its entrance into Capricorn, where it is full. Moon-Neptune aspects are tiring and confusing and can lead to mixed or unclear feelings.

The full Moon will fall in your 8th house. An 8th-house full Moon generally results in some type of change. It may not be life-altering, but go with it, and next week will improve!

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2. Pisces

This won’t be the best of weeks for Pisces, and you may experience some issues at home or with family members. Monday is a day to watch, especially if you have children or are dealing with siblings or immediate family members. Make sure all communication is clear because it’s what’s left unsaid or not said that will cause issues later on. Tiredness and melancholy could also be an issue.


The Sun’s square to Mercury on Thursday could involve egos, so ensure yours is under control. While you have no control over what others may do or say, you do have control of yourself, and you probably wouldn’t gain much by engaging.  Don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t try to gaslight you, but be forewarned. You can limit the results to your response.

If you are still up on Thursday morning in the early morning hours, you may feel tired or focused on the negative. If this is the case, these feelings will pass quickly. By Friday evening, you may be ready to take a break or have a drink.  Tall tales and tall drinks can make for an enjoyable evening as long as you don’t believe all you hear. With the full moonMoonling in your house of friends and associates, a night out may be just what the doctor ordered.

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3. Cancer

Your issues this week may stem from partners, and there could be a weeklong theme of me versus we or me versus them. Your subconscious feelings may rise to the surface on Monday, and you may find yourself thinking about old issues you thought were gone. They aren’t gone; they are just buried deep within your subconscious mind, and it is time to deal with them once and for all. Don’t let anyone gaslight you today, and understand that everything you hear may not be on the up and up. The most stressful hours may be in the early morning; internal issues could bog you down if you aren’t careful.Wednesday can bring some unexpected situations with children if you have them or friends and co-workers. Whatever the case, you can expect some unexpected change or information that may alter your plans. If this is the case, just roll with the flow for best results.


By Thursday, your mind may be working overtime, and there will be a fast-moving flow of information. Watch your ego—yours or someone else’s—and you may feel the urge to lash out, but if you do, expect blowback.

By Friday evening, your focus will be on your partner if you have one. Isn’t it time you spent some quality time together without all the craziness of the week? If you are single, then you will likely be focused on others who are in your life on a continual basis, so enjoy Friday night and the beautiful full Moon!

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