Struggle Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 30, 2024

We can set ourselves free any ol' time we want.

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It's June 30, 2024, and it's time to set aside those struggles and get on with life. Sunday's horoscope tells us that the transit known as Moon square Pluto is in town. For three zodiac signs, the power of transformation is in the air. We are not only going to get the hint; we're going to act on it.

This is when we really take a good, hard look at ourselves and what we're doing with our lives. Many of us have felt stuck, as if becoming unstuck is something that can only be helped out by someone else's hand. June 30 shows us that if we want struggle to end, then it's up to us, and that's where the transformation comes in.


Moon square Pluto shows us that what we want is right there, in front of our very eyes, and that all it takes is a slight twist in our perspective to see that we have no contract signed with struggle. In fact, we can set ourselves free any ol' time we want.


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For three zodiac signs, June 30 is the day struggle ends:

1. Aries

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Being a fighter, you sometimes go a little too far to fight for what you believe in. While this is a noble trait, you've also come to see that it's not fun to lose, especially when you grasp the notion that the reason you lose is because you cannot bend or adapt. You like being fiery and strong, but the past has shown you that there are definitely times when you need to 'bend like a blade of grass.'


June 30 brings you the transformational aspect of the Moon square Pluto, and what's going to happen this Sunday for you, Aries, is that you're going to get it. You feel that it's OK to compromise, as it's not really compromise but adaptability. Going with the flow is what helps you break free from the struggles you've put upon yourself.

This is a major life lesson, Aries, and it's going to help you immensely throughout the coming month of July. You don't like to struggle. While you do like to 'fight,' you will feel very much at ease during Moon square Pluto, as it helps you transition into a more peaceful and adaptable state of mind.

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2. Leo

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You have always been aware that so much of the struggle you endure has to do with your inability to let go. You know deep down inside that you're the one who stands in your way. So much of this has to do with the fact that you are attached to certain ideas, and you really don't want to have to let go. Yet, your attachment comes with a struggle that, during Moon square Pluto, doesn't seem all that worth it anymore.

June 30, 2024, opens up the door to freedom for you, Leo, and you'll translate this as you come to terms with the idea of letting go in earnest. You can taste the freedom, as it's right there, ready for you, and all you have to do is reach it and break free from that which keeps you stuck and in one place.

You want to march into July feeling proud and refreshed. You'll get that chance, Leo, as Moon Square Pluto is here to wake you up and let you know in no uncertain terms that the struggle you maintain is the struggle you insist on having in your life. Bam! Once you grasp this concept, you'll shake off the past and walk into the present both victorious and proud.

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3. Aquarius

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You've never been one to seek approval from others as your natural way of being is so unique and different that you already know you will more than likely be stared at just for being yourself. Still, you've held on to a secret, and that secret has become a struggle for you. On some deep level, you do crave approval, and during Moon square Pluto, you will greet this desire and head it off at the pass.

What June 30 presents you with is a chance to be real with yourself. You enjoy being the different one, but you harbor secret feelings and desires for approval, and this is too conflicting for you to deal with at times. So, Sunday allows you to make a choice, and during the Moon square Pluto, you'll find clarity, which will lead to a total transformation.


You will break free from your struggle to be accepted, and you will accept yourself. You have your way of living and your own lifestyle choices. You will come to know this Sunday that if you want to live an authentic life, then you have to trust your gut, and your gut tells you to break free from the shackles of other people's expectations. Good for you, Aquarius.

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