3 Zodiac Signs See Their Dreams Come True On June 25, 2024

If our hearts are in the right place and our intentions are strong, we can create something great.

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During the Moon square Uranus transit on June 25, 2024, three zodiac signs have the power of manifestation on their side, giving them the chance to do more than believe in their dreams — they get to see them manifest as reality.

These zodiac signs can harness the grand power this Tuesday. What we might have only thought of as fantasy now proves to us that if our hearts are in the right place and our intentions strong and pure, we can create something from nothing. Like magic! We are the authors of our own destinies and on June 25, we create dreams come true.


There's a lesson in this, however, which is that while we are creating something from nothing, the reality here is that the 'nothing' is defined by intention, or invisible thought. We're so used to not believing in something if we can't 'see' it, and on June 25, during Moon square Uranus, we get to 'see' what we've believed in all this time.

3 zodiac signs see their dreams come true on June 25, 2024

1. Taurus

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You have always stood firm when it comes to knowing that if you put in the time, you will see the results take shape. While you aren't always the most patient person around, you are strong and resilient enough to know that nothing comes easily, especially when it comes to manifesting a very specific dream of yours.

What you'll see happen this Tuesday, June 25 is that all of your previous work is now starting to take shape. To others, this may look like your dreams come true out of thin air, but what's really happening is that you are working with the forces of the universe. During Moon square Uranus, you are finally able to produce that dream as reality.

Your efforts have gotten you to this place, Taurus, and you should be proud of yourself for sticking with it. Your persistence is typical of Taurus, and during a transit like Moon square Uranus, you get to see that hard work pays off. You did this, and you should be proud of yourself. Go you!

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2. Virgo

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June 25 allows you to stand back and watch as your dreams manifest in all the right ways. Because of Moon square Uranus on Tuesday, you can watch something spectacular take place.

This may not be a gigantic thing, Virgo, as your dreams are not all that lofty. You had a simple thing in mind, which has taken its time getting to you. But finally, it's here, and you are now able to see it in all of its glory. What you once had in mind is what is now taking place as reality, and it's positive — and perhaps even a little thrilling.


Keep in mind, Virgo, that this is YOUR dream that has manifested, and this encourages you to dream big and stay confident. If you're able to stick with your intentions and create something as lovely as what's about to take place this Tuesday, then you are quite obviously 'in the power.' You're doing well, and this shows it, Virgo.

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3. Scorpio

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Moon square Uranus sets you on the right path by letting you know that if you can dream it, you can manifest it. Uranus works with the power of the mind, and you, Scorpio, are particularly mindful and directed when it comes to intentions and the idea of creating them as reality.

Tuesday, June 25 offers you the chance to take a certain dream of yours and make it into a present-tense reality, which is essentially like making magic with your own life. Being that you are not always patient, you have run into difficulties along the way. However, you've also learned to bide your time and believe that everything will work out if you stay the course.

And during Moon square Uranus, you can focus and build upon that which you've only had in mind. It's time to see the plan through to the end, and June 25 marks both the end and the beginning. It's the end of the dream phase and the beginning of the reality, and with your power behind it all, you can claim responsibility for much of the goodness that comes your way at this time.


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