The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Break Free From The Past On June 22, 2024

We want to experience what life has to show us.

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On Saturday, June 22, 2024, we may see an opportunity come our way. The day's astrology brings us the transit Moon trine Mars and Mars' energy brings the 'get up and go' aspect to our lives. Many of us have 'had something on our minds' for a very long time, and for reasons only known to us, we've held back from expressing them.

What Moon trine Mars provides three zodiac signs with on Saturday is the chance to face whatever it is inside ourselves so that we can finally break free from it. Some of us are afraid to do things alone, afraid to travel, to drive, to fly. Some of us know that we've experienced certain kinds of trauma in the past that hold us back in the present.


It will be on June 22 that these three zodiac signs will dare themselves to become immersed in what holds us back, meaning that we are no longer satisfied with 'staying scared.' We want to move forward. We want to experience what life has to show us, and we will forgo our attachment to the past to break free with the help of Moon trine Mars.


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Cancer, Libra and Capricorn find a way to break free from the past on June 22, 2024, at long last!

1. Cancer

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You have defined yourself a certain way, Cancer. You've done it for so long that you cannot see yourself as anything other than the definition you've given yourself. This other self of yours is made up of memories and losses. You have noticed that you aren't the same person you used to be, and it's starting to bug you. You want the old you back but the new and improved version.


During Moon trine Mars, you can take hold of your fate and change things for the better. The past is starting to look stale to you. You aren't getting the same kind of charge from it as you used to. Even when you felt its power and tug, you never felt anything other than exhausted by it. It's time to change that, and on Saturday, June 22, you will begin this process.

The past has no hold on you any longer, Cancer, and while this may seem obvious, it wasn't clear to you which direction you should take to break free from it officially. That's where Moon trine Mars comes into play and shows you the way. Stay open to the universal call, Cancer. Your heart is speaking to you, letting you know it's time to break free from the past once and for all.

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2. Libra

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There are people in your life who have told you that you are way too attached to old ideals, and the more they mention it, the more you resent them for saying this because, on some level, you know they are right. You have been deeply attached to the past, and the way things look right now, you're about ready to concede to your friends the idea that they have a point.

During the transit of Moon trine Mars on June 22, you will see something within yourself. It will look at the doors to freedom, opening and beckoning you to walk through them. You really need to take this leap of faith, Libra, as this is something you feel might not be available to you forever. In other words, Moon trine Mars shows you the way; it's up to you to take it up on its offer.

You do, Libra. You feel the courage and the strength to set yourself free from the past. You fully admit to yourself that there's a world of joy and wonder out there just waiting for you to experience. You are no longer interested in remaining stuck and stagnant. Day one begins on Saturday, June 22, during the Moon trine Mars transit.

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3. Capricorn

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June 22 is no mere Saturday for you, Capricorn. In fact, during its transit of Moon trine Mars, you may feel jolted into a new way of thinking. You've suspected this new thought was in you all along, and it appears that now you cannot hold it back. The days of repressing your need to break free from the past are now part of it.

This is when your life begins to change, and once you get a tiny little taste of the freedom you'll feel, you'll go for it with gusto. Life is opening its arms to you, Capricorn. You feel pressure to join in, but it's a good pressure. This kind of pressure promises results, and you are results-oriented.


You know that you've held back and that you haven't allowed yourself the real knowledge of what living in the moment is, so Moon trine Mars shows you that it's not too late. You've got a life to catch up with now, and the past is something you must release. It's time to break free and go with it. Live your life, experience what you've kept yourself from knowing ... live it, live it, live it.

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