3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes Come True On June 17, 2024

We are in our power.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes Come True On June 17, 2024 mechichi, gyro and Rido | Canva Pro

If we've got something in mind, and we want to manifest that 'something,' then we'll do it on June 17, 2024. And why? Because the astrology is right on during this time. We are in our power, and if we direct that power, like an arrow, to a target, we can take full advantage of the cosmic force being made available to us on Monday.

We've got two such transits that could be considered 'manifestation' agents: Venus in Cancer and Mercury square Neptune. The 'square' aspect of the latter transit suggests that this is when we get out of our own way to finally DO what we've been wanting to do. Positive energy surrounds the day, and for three zodiac signs, the way will be clear and obvious: it's GO TIME.


Whether our dreams are concerned with love, productivity, or just about anything, we know that the blend of these transits in action takes intention to the next level. This is when we make our dreams come true. June 17, 2024, is a day to be reckoned with. Three zodiac signs will know that it's time to get up, get out, and get it done.


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Monday, June 17, 2024, wishes really do come true for these three zodiac signs: Aries, Virgo and Libra.

1. Aries

There are very few days when you doubt your ability to manifest from intention, Aries, and then there are days when you are downright unstoppable. You don't see obstacles in your way, and when you understand that something must happen, it happens all right. On Monday, you're going to experience this miracle taking place.

You've had a dream in your genius mind for a long time, and you've always known it's about time and patience. While you are admittedly impatient, you are still wise enough to know that patience will bring you the golden results you anticipate. During Venus in Cancer, you can consider that dream 'accomplished.'

This is a brilliant day for you, Aries, as you will see one of your great dreams come true and pat yourself on the back for knowing it would happen. Venus in Cancer suggests this may be related to love, romance, and possibly the home front. It definitely seems like you will have a very happy day for you. Enjoy!


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2. Virgo

You weren't sure if you bit off more than you could chew when you started concocting that one dream of yours. Still, you never gave up on it, Virgo, and on June 17, you'll see your dream come true. Oh, how sweet it is to think that all you had to do was hang on and believe in it. With the power of this day's transit, Venus in Cancer, you will be privileged to receive a dream come true.

You don't feel as if you ask for too much in this life, so when your dream does come true, you feel humbled and happy. It's a soft happiness that doesn't come with a parade or any kind of fanfare. You are content to smile, knowing that the universe was listening to you all along and that what's happening this Monday is real.

Because it's a Venus transit that has you manifesting this dream, you can more than likely attribute it to the love in your life. You are not alone, which is abundantly clear to you during Venus in Cancer on June 17. Monday is not only a lucky day. It's a day that lets you know everything is possible if you continue to stand by it and believe.


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3. Libra

Not only do you feel super fortunate on Monday, June 17, you feel as though the universe has just opened up for you and that the answers to some dire questions are now being directed to you. Perhaps you have needed closure on a certain topic for what feels like years. During Venus in Cancer, you'll get that closure, and while 'closure' doesn't exactly sound too romantic, it's the very thing you've been dreaming about.

The idea that you can walk away from this day feeling as though everything is finally tidied up is remarkable and borders on miraculous in your book, Libra. This is no small potatoes, this event. You are getting your dream come true, which eventually morphs into the idea that if you stay with your thoughts, you can manifest them as 'complete.'

It is during Venus in Cancer on June 17 you get to leave the past behind and move on, happily, toward the future. If you were troubled over some incomplete action that took place in the past, then consider it done. You can mark it 'complete' in the case files of your life story, Libra. Your dream of freedom is here, and you may now step freely into it.


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