3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Self-Doubt & Find True Happiness On June 14

Friday's Child is ... free and happy.

 3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Self-Doubt & Find True Happiness On June 14 Pattadis Walarput from Getty Images, Msaeedsalem from pixabay, SplitShire from Pexels, leslie, Lina Vanessa Merchan Jimenez from diversifylens | Canva Pro

We are now ready to rock. Say hi to Friday's Child, also known as Moon trine Pluto transit, an aspect that astrology tells us is helpful and transformative. The ways of the past are no longer working for us, and even though we rarely say it aloud, we want to be happy. Well, get used to saying it aloud, zodiac signs, because this is what we're here for.

To reach that place where words become a reality, we first have to 'face our demons' or, rather, overcome the obstacles that hold us back. We also need to be brave enough to free ourselves from the clutches of the past. Thankfully, during Moon trine Uranus on Friday, these three zodiac signs can recognize the power within themselves.


How long do we have here on Earth? What may feel like a nice, long life is surely not a life we want to spend entertaining nonstop self-doubt. The wisdom kicks in on June 14, and these three zodiac signs finally get it: life is too short to undersell ourselves. We deserve happiness, freedom of mind, and the happiness of releasing the obstacles we have clung so tightly to. We want it, and we will have it! Bring it on, happiness.


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Three zodiac signs who overcome self-doubt and find true happiness on June 14

1. Scorpio

If you're looking to find 'true happiness,' then one thing is for sure: you cannot lie to yourself. You are in hot pursuit of the truth, and you know that's the stuff that will set you free. Not only do you have luck on your side, but you also have Moon trine Uranus to help you. And, let me tell you something: nothing does the trick in terms of getting to happiness like Moon trine Uranus.

What you'll be discovering AND taking in is a reality check that shows you that you've been undercutting yourself for far too long. You know it, too. Knowing is the first step in changing it, Scorp, and if anyone has got this, it's you. You are a go-getter, and if you've ever let yourself down before, you can now recognize that past self-doubt has no place in the present.

With a sweep of your magic wand, also known as Moon trine Uranus, you rid yourself of what has dragged you down. This is a permanent move on your part. You are here for the happiness, the love, the friendships, and the beauty of life, but you have to be able to SEE that beauty. Once that transit gets a hold of you, as it will on June 14, it all becomes very, very precious from here on in.


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2. Sagittarius

You've started to realize that you no longer need to hold back. Even if it shocks you to think that you, the Great Sagittarius, felt self-doubt, it will be that realization that jumpstarts you into the new game, which means this is just the beginning for you. Self-doubt did nothing for you but waste your time and give you anxiety; it's now time to kick it in the butt.

This, of course, is your specialty, and it's pushing you to achieve. During the power-packed transit of Moon trine Uranus, you will understand that the only person standing in the way between you and great good fortune and happiness is you, my friend. It's time to reclaim your throne. Get up on that thing, will you? Mount that beast!

You may find humor in this day's antics as you come to laugh at yourself over how much you protested the idea of allowing positive energy to flow into your life. Hey, we all get on that every now and then, but you, as a Sagittarius, owe it to yourself to live this life as a happy person. You have to represent — your zodiac sign, which defines you as pure fire and drive. Go out there and be the optimistic archer we all know you to be.


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3. Aquarius

Hey there, Aquaperson! It's your turn to shine, so if you feel like flexing on June 14, know this: the universe is making it easy for you to do so. Your self-doubt has turned into an outright menace, and you want nothing more to do with it. You are so smart, and you've come to understand that it's either you or 'them,' and well, the choice is obvious. You are the victor this Friday, and you've got Moon trine Uranus to back you up on that.

You've always known that if you give in to self-doubt, you'll miss out on true happiness, and you definitely don't want to let go of that opportunity. So, it's a choice. You or self-doubt. The idea that you can see it this way lets you know that the choice is clear. You really want to improve your life, Aquarius, and the only way to do it is to believe in yourself. It's easier said than done.

That's where Moon trine Uranus comes in to make it realistic, rational, and right. If the choice is so clear, you must act fast and act now. That's what makes Friday so exciting for you. You're going to do it. You will choose the right to be happy over the right to remain doubtful. This is huge, and only you know how amazing this feeling really is. Go get 'em, Aquarius!


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