3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes Come True After The Moon Trines Uranus On June 14

This is the day we see results.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes Come True After Moon Trines Uranus On June 14 Dee from Benjamin Deekan, amethyststudio, Rusella Ruben from Rusworx, Dean Drobot, soupstock | Canva Pro

When we wish upon a star, we find out that the star we've wished upon is actually an astrological transit called Moon trine Uranus, and on June 14, that wish of ours? It's going to come true. Oh sure, it's easy enough to throw that line away, as we've come to doubt the powers of the universe, thinking these things are just flights of fancy, but not Friday, oh no. This is the day we see results, baby!


Uranus is the planet of imagination, and when it trines with our Moon, it amplifies the power of manifestation. So, if we think positively, we can turn those thoughts into sublime realities. While this kind of magic is available to everyone, we will see how this kind of power is something three zodiac signs practically drink up — it's SO good.

So, when we wish upon a star during Moon trine Uranus, we look at intention magnified into manifestation. Or, to simplify, dreams come true. Not too shabby. Let's put our minds to it on June 14. Let's think our best thoughts and make our dreams come true. Let's take advantage of this universal gift and make the best of it, as it is ours for the taking.


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3 zodiac signs whose wishes come true after the Moon trines Uranus on June 14

1. Virgo

Remember the days when you really and truly believed that you could make your dreams come true? Even though time has worn down some of those ideas, you still feel powerful in this way. What you might see happening on June 14 is that you still have it in you, Virgo; the magic is still alive and well. Now, it's time to put it to work.

During the transit of Moon trine Uranus, you'll find that your mind may be working overtime. That's a good thing; what you've got on your mind on Friday, June 14, is nothing but good wishes. You want what you want, and you'll make it happen with the helping hand of a planet or two.

Moon trine Uranus is no slacker when it comes to helping someone with a dream that needs some manifesting. Because you feel good about yourself, the person you've become, and the person you've MADE yourself into, you feel pretty dang powerful at this point. You're ready to make some dreams come true. Stand aside, world ... Virgo's in the house.


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2. Libra

If only. If only? Heck, Libra, there's no 'if only' in your life, and on June 14, there will be no doubt as to what's about to take place. For you, there's the manifestation of great intention, and there's you to smile softly, knowing that you were the one who got yourself to this place. Well, you and that little thing called 'the universe,' but who's picky? During Moon trine Uranus, you can create your fate, which will appear on Friday as a wish come true.

There is no arrogance here, Libra; you know what you are capable of and are grateful to live in a world where wishes can come true. You are no longer seduced by the darkness that offers you very little of what you want. You want love, light, happiness, and opportunity, and that's what you get during the productivity-centric transit of Moon trine Uranus.

If you can wish it, you can make it so, and that's always been your motto, Libra. You don't ever limit yourself, and even though you understand that you've got 'reality' to work with, you are still pretty pushy when it comes to expanding your territory, wish-wise. You dream big and intend to make the best of those dreams. And fortunately, on Friday, your wish comes true. Sweet!


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3. Pisces

Oh goody! That may be something you say on Friday as you are pleased with something that finally comes through for you. While you may actually say something with a little more enthusiasm, you are one to keep it light, even when a grand gesture of celebration is required. You are you, not someone else, and if 'Oh goody' is what you come up with, then we have to understand that this is how you express your delight.

'Delight' is what you'll be experiencing now because your humble little wish has come true for you. Thanks to the transit of Moon trine Uranus, you can acknowledge it and live in it for the rest of your life because this wish of yours lasts. You didn't ask for much, as you are never selfish when it comes to wishes, but oh the little things they do make you feel giddy, don't they, Pisces?


You don't waste time wishing for things that could go wrong. You are very in tune with the universe and feel you want to add to the positive experience rather than detract from it. You'll see that this is, indeed, a very lucky day for you as you feel fulfilled in so much as your dream was a simple one, and here it is, right now ... all yours for the asking. Lucky you, Pisces. Enjoy.

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