3 Zodiac Signs Enter A More Fortunate Era Starting With Mercury Square Saturn On June 12

We enter a more prosperous time in our lives.

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On June 12, we enter a more prosperous era in our lives. For three zodiac signs, if we look to astrology for guidance, we would see that on this day, we are being helped along by the transit, Mercury square Saturn. Saturn rules the concept of law, rules, restrictions, and, of course, freedoms. When Mercury squares Saturn, we see how things make sense in our lives and what we can do to make things finally work out for ourselves.


If we've discovered that all it takes is a change of perspective, count on Mercury square Saturn to jump-start that into motion. Three zodiac signs will find it very easy to 'see the light' during this time, meaning that 'suddenly' it will all come clear. We need to change direction to welcome prosperity and abundance. If we do...we usher in the good fortune of the new era.

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For those who have desperately been seeking relief, that relief will be here for us, finally and realistically. If all it takes is a slight tweak in the way we go about thinking when it comes to money and abundance in general, then consider this day to be a lucky charm of sorts. Mercury square Saturn paves the way to a better future, and we will find that we are very open to this.


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3 zodiac signs enter a more fortunate era on June 12

1. Virgo

You knew you had it in you, and you always had the thought that if you believed in something hard enough, it could manifest as truth and beauty. On June 12, you are finally going to get to see this particular dream of yours come true. You are in such a good space these days, Virgo, and with Mercury square Saturn on your side, you'll know that believing in a dream has created your present good fortune.

Mercury square Saturn has you in mind when the good fortune is being doled out, Virgo, and so much of that has to do with the very real reality that you made this happen. You are responsible for creating a brilliant new era of good fortune for yourself because you worked hard at believing in yourself. These great events don't just fall in one's lap. You created this and should be proud of yourself for your efforts.

So, you can expect the highest this Wednesday as your era of good fortune has finally come to fruition. You are very much conscious that this is something you can trust in and continue to believe in. You are on your way to greatness, and if you know it, honor it with gratitude and a smile. All the best in the world to you, Virgo.


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2. Libra

Mercury square Saturn ushers in prosperity and wisdom; for you, Libra, that's your thing. You've always been open to learning new things, and one of the 'things' you've learned recently is that it's within your power to shut out that unnecessary negativity you want so much to push into your life. Having a handle on this basically opens the door to positivity, which makes sense.

Making sense is one of the things you really appreciate as a Libra. You want things to make sense, be orderly, and have purpose. During the transit of Mercury square Saturn on June 12, you'll see that your understanding of how the universe works is what brings you hope, prosperity, and abundance you knew was there for you all along.

Wednesday opens that gate up for you, Libra, and it will be a no-brainer for you to walk right through. You relish starting anew based on the foundation of strength and wisdom you've learned from your past. What you're staring at right now is hope in the present. If you can make it happen, it will happen, and knowing that you are the positive driving force here is encouraging and inspiring.


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3. Scorpio

There have been times in the recent past when you weren't quite sure if your method was working or not, as you really put your all into what you've been involved in without much concrete results to show for this intensity of effort. Here comes June 12 to keep you on track by letting you know that the universe has noticed it ALL. You are about to be rewarded, Scorpio. Your days of prosperity and good fortune are about to kick in.

Thanks to the transit Mercury Square Saturn, you'll find that everything you've done to create the positive situation you're in right now has meaning and purpose. You weren't flying by the seat of your pants, Scorpio. You had direction, and while you might not have seen any proper results, you'll learn that it was all about effort and meeting patience. Patience was the key, and you had it, Scorpio!

Now, the real work begins, which means that it's now up to you to continue on this winning streak. You'll need to support the good you've created by continuing with optimistic thinking. You're already great with this kind of thing, so it'll be a piece of cake for you. You're entering a period of great good fortune, and you are not one to squander your learnings. This is only the beginning, and it already feels so excellent!


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