3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Challenges & Find Happiness On June 8

The world is as we see it, not as it is.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Challenges & Experience Joy On June 8 Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash / Artulina | Canva

Perception is everything. For three zodiac signs, the June 8 transit, Venus square Saturn, will take us and shake us up this Saturday. We will learn something about ourselves that will show us how our view of the world is but a mirror reflection of what goes on inside our psyches. If we are unsettled and insecure, we will make mighty judgments on others.

We all want to think we're strong and perhaps even ... right. When we find a way to witness ourselves in action, we are shocked by what we see, and may even deny that we are that way. Yet, during Venus square Saturn, three zodiac signs will get the chance to know that we are responsible for our perceptions and that if what we give out is confusion, it's because we are confused. The world is as we see it, not as it is. Waking up from this trance is hard to do but ultimately important.


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3 zodiac signs who overcome challenges and find happiness on June 8

1. Aries

On Saturday, June 8, you may feel a hint of insecurity over something you feel you can't control, which could lead to lashing out at someone close to you, a thing you may regret. As a strong-minded person, you feel you do all you can to improve your life and many other people's lives, and when you are confronted or challenged, you either shrink back or let loose.

During the transit of Venus square Saturn, it's hard to 'sit back and take it.' So, as it goes with this transit, you will react impulsively to something you don't like, and you will, in turn, push your disappointment onto someone else. You don't like coming across as neurotic, but the fear you feel is working on your Aries personality. That usually ends up with you taking someone else down because of it.


 As soon as the words leave your lips, you will instantly want to retract them, and you will. The person you've taken your aggression out on is totally innocent, and you know it. You will learn that pride has no place here; you care about the person who 'got in your way.' Now, you feel contrite and ready to make amends.

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2. Libra

You aren't fond of the idea that you might be your biggest obstacle. On Saturday, you'll see that you are the only real thing presently in your way. You've built an entire set of expectations that you feel are deal breakers if not executed your way. When you see that you're just setting up impossible goals, you'll stand back and realize that you've put too much pressure on yourself.

During the transit of Venus square Saturn, you can have what you want in this life. You'll need to get out of your way and push aside some of the rigid beliefs you have to make room for more positive results. You aren't happy with what you have because you have created an impossible set list for yourself to deliver.


This teaches you to be more malleable. While Saturn's energy is all about rigidity and 'stuck-ness,' you can stand away from yourself at this time to witness what you've done wrong. You are dedicated to improving your life, and with this understanding, you can proceed. Everything is going to work out, Libra. You need to get easier on yourself for this to happen.

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3. Sagittarius

What Venus square Saturn has you discovering is that the stress and anxiety you've experienced for such a long time is a product of your attachment to a past way of doing things. You haven't noticed your personal growth. Because you've only allowed yourself to identify with the 'old you,' you haven't been able to fight your own battles. In fact, you are stressed out because you've allowed everything to 'get to you.'

Saturn's energy, when mixed with the power of Venus, in your case, Sagittarius, shows you that you need to love yourself more because if you don't start now, you'll only add more stress to your plate. This is a good time to start letting go of the tension you invite. You attract the negative energy you're presently living through, and you do not like it.


Oh, there's so much beauty in what's about to occur, and thanks to transits like Venus square Saturn, you will finally be able to walk away from the person you once were. You can kiss goodbye to the person who sits there and takes it. You can once again honor the role of being the warrior. In Samurai fashion, you aim to 'put down your sword.' This begins earnestly on June 8, as you release the stress and begin your journey as 'the peaceful warrior.'

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