3 Zodiac Signs Release Sadness & Experience Deep Healing On June 6

We change, we evolve and we progress.

3 Zodiac Signs Release Sadness & Experience Deep Healing On June 6 Nejron, franckreporter from Getty Images Signature, miyukifkd fukuda | Canva Pro

It's time to make peace with the past, as many of us feel that we aren't all that tied to whatever happened back then any longer. On Thursday, June 6, we will host the transit, the Moon conjunct Venus, which puts us in the right frame of mind to let go and appreciate what we've been through. We are the sum of our experiences, and when we put those memories into perspective, we can see that we got enough out of them.


During Moon conjunct Venus, three zodiac signs will feel like completion has occurred. We don't feel the same strong urge to repeat the past or to delve into the old memories that once defined us. We are no longer attached to the idea that we must retain these memories to show others who we are. We've grown since then. As it goes with life, we change, evolve, and progress.

We will see that it will be at this time that we not only let go of the past but also see the present as exciting. While the future hasn't come to be yet, we have hope for it. We see things with a positive gaze. Letting go of the past frees us to experience the person we are in the moment. June 6 matters to us, and three zodiac signs will do their best to live it out, as best as they can, without referring to 'where they came from.'


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3 zodiac signs release sadness and experience deep healing on June 6

1. Aries

You've gone through all of the motions to get rid of your past, which includes acceptance, denial, acting out, and suppressing emotion. You've done it all and seen it all when it comes to hanging on to some old memories, and you've needed to let go so badly that searching for that way has become a lifestyle for you. The past is so over and so useless to you at this point that you wonder why you haven't been able to let it go.

Then comes Moon conjunct Venus on Thursday, and suddenly you can see what all of this is worth, which is something but not everything. This transit taps into that place in your psyche where your present-day action starts to mean more to you than your reaction to the past and the events you've defined yourself by. You are not your past, Aries, and you know this.

There is no point in reliving the memories, especially when help is available to you. You may find that, if ever there were a day to invest in mental health, this is the right time to do so. Heal yourself, healer. Do the right thing by yourself and let go of the past, and if it's just as hard as ever to do so, then reach out for help, as many experts can help you get to the bottom of this, as it's not a bottomless pit.


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2. Leo

We all live through the experience of disappointment and regret, but that doesn't mean we have to stay in that place, where we relive it again and again in memory. On June 6, you can look at yourself and your life with a clear vision. You are tied to a past you cannot change, yet something about your personality insists you can. That's where the Moon conjunct Venus comes in to spare you further anguish.

What has you suffering, Leo, is that you wanted it all to work out, but that's a tall order. We get some, and we lose some, and that's just life, and it's something we all have to accept sooner or later. During Moon conjunct Venus, the moment for you to come to terms with the disappointment that has ruled over you is now. It's time to let go, Leo. It's time to heal yourself and get on with your life.

The present moment is where it all takes place, and you are still just as great as you've always been. You don't have to look to the past to measure yourself. You don't have to compare yourself to ideals you once had, but it can no longer be possible. It's all OK, do you understand this? What you have now is life; where there's hope, there's life. Take advantage of this and live your beautiful life right now, Leo.


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3. Scorpio

It's taken some time, but you are on the verge of a major breakthrough, Scorpio, and this has something to do with you finally letting go of a memory that really doesn't serve you well. We all make mistakes, and sometimes, we make HUGE mistakes. The past is the past, and it cannot be undone, but what you'll find happening during Moon conjunct Venus is that the present is where you make your next 'right' move.

You've been suffering the fate of someone who made a mistake once upon a time, and as time continues, you remain in the past, clutching tightly to your guilt and poor choice. This is not who you are, Scorpio, as you've grown so much since then. Free yourself from this past where all is bleak and shadowy. You are living in the now, and the present desperately seeks your attention.

When the Moon conjuncts Venus, you get a chance to do the work of introspection. If you are brave enough to confront your past and let it go, you will see a miracle occur. You can and will let go of the past. You can and will make peace with whatever it is that hurts you or crushes you. This is no longer your fate, Scorpio. Make it go away. You are the boss of your fate now. Do something about it.


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