3 Zodiac Signs See Love Horoscopes Improve On June 6 During The New Moon In Gemini

The time for faking it is over; it's time to start with a renewed sense of purpose.

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June 6 brings us a New Moon, which always symbolizes choice, new decisions, and whether or not we really want something and are willing to go after it. With this particular New Moon being in Gemini, there's a very good chance that what three zodiac signs will experience at this time is the ability to say something that's been on our minds about love.

One of the things that makes romantic relationships work long-term is knowing we need to be ourselves. It's pretty normal and natural to 'fake it' just a little at the beginning of a budding romance to make a good impression; the reality is that if it's going to last, then we have to feel comfortable in our own skin. Because it's a New Moon, that decision to choose 'authenticity' will be easy to make at this time.


Three zodiac signs want the relationship to work very badly. We also know we want to be ourselves and inspire our partners to be themselves. The time for faking it is over. We're now here for the long run, and to make that work, we have to be honest with ourselves about who we ARE. During the New Moon in Gemini, we'll make that decision and have our boldness accepted.

3 zodiac signs whose love lives improve on June 6

1. Taurus

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While they compare you to a stubborn bull, what others do not know about this particular brand of stubbornness is that it aids in your ability to strive for the highest. Sure, you can be lazy, and why shouldn't you have that well-deserved downtime? You're a workhorse or whole if you choose, and in your endless effort to make yourself better, you settle for little else than excellence.

This pushes your romantic relationship to new levels because you aren't about to let your partner down in any way. Thankfully, you're a very inspiring person, and with the New Moon in Gemini on your side on June 6, you'll be even more capable when it comes to showing your partner that it's not only OK for them to be themselves but it's the only way to fly.

You have been constant in your pursuit of authenticity, and you, of all people, know that once you make progress, there's no going back. This is what your partner loves most about you, Taurus. You are relentless, and your restless nature is positive and productive. You are the fire in this relationship, and your partner is more than happy to see your next move, which will be on Thursday.

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2. Cancer

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The New Moon in Gemini's influence on your feelings toward love and romance has you jumping out of your old self and into your new, updated 'version' of the New Moon in Gemini's influence on your feelings towards love and romance. You have always wanted a partner you can trust and love. You don't want to look for someone else, and you'd like to think that the person you are with is the one who will last for your entire life. This is possible if you realize both parties must stay authentic and real.

Being real isn't just a bunch of words. When discussing spending a life together, 'being real' is imperative. The decision you'll be making is the one that says you will stay with this person on one condition: you are both true to yourself while being true to each other. This may take some thinking, but as a Cancer, you do 'thinking' well.


You've both seen the ups and the downs of this kind of commitment, and you've also both seen that it doesn't come easy. One must live up to certain requirements, and the choice to honor those requirements takes place during the New Moon in Gemini transit. June 6 shows you that you can have it all if you can remain true to yourself while in a partnership with a loved one.

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3. Aquarius

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You know what it's like to ask for too much from a partner and what it's like when that partner says 'no.' That was their prerogative, and that's fine, although it certainly doesn't make you happy when you spend too much time alone, as you truly enjoy a romantic partner's companionship. During the New Moon in Gemini, you'll seek a compromise in your life with yourself: if you can remain true to yourself while accepting another person into your life 'as they are,' then maybe, just maybe, something can work out here.

All you want is to be yourself—your beautiful, weird, unique, marvelous self—and all you want is for someone to accept this about you. You will find such a person on June 6. While this may not blossom into a full-blown relationship overnight, you will plant the seeds and see love bloom as a result of your truthful approach.

This time, you are not 'asking too much.' You are only asking to be respected as you are. You can expect to be a marker date in your life. This is when you finally understand that while we're all different, our needs are similar and universal. This is when you figure out that you can have everything you want while staying the person you are and compromising just a tiny bit.


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