3 Zodiac Signs Whose Romantic Relationships Significantly Improve On June 3

Nobody really wants to offend the other.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Romantic Relationships Significantly Improve On June 3 Chikovnaya, Anna Kuz from AnnaKu, Guiseppe Ramos - DJV, Sanne Berg via Getty Images, Dark Indigo from Pexels | Canva Pro

There's something that stands between you and a friend. While one of you might know what it is, it never seems to lighten up. What to do, what to do? For three zodiac signs, the relationship here is worth fighting for. Yet, neither of you is ready to say what's on your mind, mainly because you know it will offend, and nobody really wants to offend the other.

On Monday, June 3, during the Moon in Taurus, we'll see what obstinate behavior really does to a relationship, be it friendship or romance. Someone here is not saying what's on their minds, and the resentment is growing and growing. It's starting to become a 'thing' that stands between two people, not letting them experience the joy we know is there.


Both parties tend to see things their way without considering that there might be another way to perceive it all. What starts out as a conflict of the highest proportions gets one last chance to change during Moon in Taurus. We will see that this last change is about love; do we love this person enough to overcome our differences? Are we able to remove the obstacles and move on? Yes, we can, and these three zodiac signs will make the moves to do so on June 3.

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3 zodiac signs whose romantic relationships improve on June 3

1. Leo

OK, the summer is upon us, and you want things to work out well. You've had your ups and downs with your romantic partner, and if you could have it your way, then it would be all 'ups' from here on in. Yes, you know nobody gets to have it their way all the time, but you feel like positivity must lead the way, and you're ready to make that happen.


Both you and your partner have come up against each other in ways that clash so hard that you sometimes wonder if you can ever mend this gap, but you know you can. On Monday, you will go out of your way to extend the white flag to your partner to end the animosity once and for all. This can't go on if both of you stay rigid and unmovable; you have to bend, and so do they.

This is how the two of you come around to deciding to work together on getting rid of the obstacles that keep you apart. First, you have to name them. You have to get to know what's really in the way, and that kind of effort is made possible during the Taurus Moon. This lunation has you feeling strong and determined, and with a positive attitude, you are sure to seal the deal.

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2. Libra

The last thing you want to be a part of is a couple that goes nowhere simply because you can't get over yourselves. You have had this problem between you for way too long. You will both decide this is starting to get silly. Something has to give here, and you get what you want, Libra.


This is a very good time to either agree to disagree or mutually figure out a way to let it all go. It's true; after a while, arguments seem to grow pale, and not everyone is interested in upholding their side. We literally grow bored of having to stand by our hill, and the last thing we want to do is die on it, especially if we have no more interest in it.

This is the Bingo moment for the relationship, Libra. This is where you both free yourself up for the laughter you've been withholding. It's all so ridiculous after a while, and you get it, and as soon as you do, it all comes together again. This is when you release your stronghold on the obstacle that holds you and your partner at arm's length. Begone, obstacle!

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3. Aquarius

You have always been someone who really wants to advance on just about every level. Spiritually, you're on a journey that never ends, and romantically, you'd like to think you're on a similar kind of adventure. Yet, as humans, both you and your partner, on occasion, get 'stuck.' Right now, on June 3, you're stuck, and during the Taurus Moon, you'll find a way to become unstuck.


All this takes is attention. If you can be honest, and is there any other way with you, Aquarius...then you and your romantic partner can face the problems between you and prevent your progress as a couple. You both want and need this, although your egos have held you back. During the Taurus Moon, you realize that ego is not doing you any good at this point in your life.

Ego is something you can generally trust; that's why you do it when it tells you to lay down your defenses. You are smart, and you want a good life, Aquarius. While you don't always have all the answers, you know that the obstacles that keep you and your partner stuck are not necessary things in your life. In fact, this is when you free yourself from such unnecessary matters.

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