Relationships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 1, When The Moon Aligns With Venus

If we wish to know something about our partners, then we must ask.

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On Saturday, June 1, Venus works sweetly with the Moon, and this alignment works rather well for those of us in love. This kind of day satisfies our curiosity, and we want to know what our partner is thinking. Are they happy with this relationship? What do they need to feel fulfilled and understood?

One of the biggest lessons we can learn on Saturday is that if we wish to know something about our partners, we must ask. It's that simple. Yet many couples shy away from these types of conversations.


The early days of questioning a partner to get to know them sooner or gradually have now become accepting someone for who they are, yet the curiosity remains. That is because we, as people, grow and change when in a relationship. What three zodiac signs will feel understood on June 1? Is it OK to ask our partners to know more? Can we inquire and pry? We aren't doing this with malice. We are inquiring because we are, in all honesty, curious to know more about the person we love so very much.

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These three zodiac signs will see their relationships improve when Venus aligns with the Moon on June 1, 2024:

1. Aries

There's a lot to be said about how Venus and the Moon can affect Aries on Saturday.  While you want to make this relationship of yours work, you know that presently, you aren't sure what to do to improve it. Your partner has made certain demands of you that don't sit right. You could make the mistake of thinking that if you speak up and oppose them, they'll leave you, or at least, they will disapprove of you to the point where animosity comes in.


You're going to notice that you don't have to be afraid of your partner or rather of saying what's on your mind to your partner. You have guessed their reaction to your objection, and you didn't consider the idea that you may be wrong. There's a very good chance that all that was needed for your partner to understand things a little better was for you to speak up and tell them.

You like thinking of yourself as a strong warrior type, and while so much of that is definitely true, you are surprisingly shy and trepidatious. All it takes to bring things into the light on Saturday is for you to have the guts to tell your partner that you disagree with them for reasons you will explain. The good part is that all it takes is your explanation so they can do an about-face in your favor.

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2. Cancer

What you'll learn on Saturday is that you have underestimated your romantic partner by thinking that they can't handle your truth when, in fact, that's all they've been wanting from you since day one. You have held back out of fear, thinking that the 'real' you is something nobody can handle. Yet, there's your partner, and they are hungry for the real you and cannot wait for more.


During this Venus transit, you'll be more in touch with self-trust than at any other time, and you can 'release the Kraken,' so to speak, which means that you will tell your partner something you figure they don't know about you. In your mind, you'll be taking a great big chance, as you don't think they'll go for it. You jumped to the conclusion that they will naturally reject you.

Of course, they do not. In fact, they are relieved by your words. You have finally become yourself, and this is all they want. This is also one gigantic lesson for you to learn: you need to stay open-minded. When you get a chance like this, it's best to stay humble and grateful and keep going with it.

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3. Leo

Somewhere along the lines, you started to doubt yourself, Leo. While lack of confidence seems impossible for someone like you, time has taken its toll on your self-belief, and this has caused you to hold back. You've not been yourself lately, and your romantic partner has noticed. They've tried to coax the 'old you' out of the shadows and into the light, but you've convinced yourself that they aren't going to like the old you as much as they say they do.


On Saturday, you'll realize you've sold yourself a stale bag of goods, my friend — enough with the self-doubt. Try giving your partner a little credit now and then. During the Venus transit that occurs on Saturday, you should get yourself out of that funk and back where you belong. In the spotlight, be your wild and crazy self for all to love and be overjoyed.

This is a lesson in love that you will learn, and it will show you that it's all in your head. Your partner never doubted you, so why should you? Just be yourself, and don't let the shadows overcome you so you shut your partner out. This could be a beautiful new beginning for you, Leo, so grab the opportunity and run with it.

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