3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenging Horoscopes On May 30

If we speak in harsh terms, we will come across as bullies.

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When we know who we are, we get a good sense of where we're going, what the future may bring and how to conduct ourselves in everyday life. This is pretty fantastic news for those who are at ease with themselves — but what about those who know who they are and are not yet at ease?

On Thursday, May 30, three specific zodiac signs may just prove to the world that their intense belief in something is, in fact, something they question heavily. Because this is when the Half Moon in Pisces visits, we may find that it's harder to 'bring the peace' than we thought it might be. This is where we end up feeling lost, and that lost feeling leads to confusion. What do we think we were? Are we not...or are we? To overcompensate for what we are unsure of, we force our 'beliefs' onto others and isolate ourselves because we've gone too far.


3 zodiac signs overcome conflict on May 30

1. Gemini

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You've always had a great sense of self. When you feel insecure, you trust that your belief system will get you by. You may or may not be religious, but you have a system. And because it works for you, you tend to protect it. This also implies that you defend it, and on May 30, your defense of what you believe in may just end up losing you a friend.


The loss of this relationship may not bother you because your mind is so stuck on doing things your way that if someone disagrees with your plan, you really don't need them in your life. During the Half Moon in Pisces, you'll turn to those in your life who are strictly into what you're into, and that's where you will take comfort. However, this also limits your exposure to other ideas, which is why you may end up putting a friend off to the degree where you literally lose them.

The bright side: What you weren't aware of is that there are two sides to this coin, and because you're a Gemini, it's easy for you to see that maybe — just maybe — it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least hear another person's opinion. You'll find that taking another person's beliefs into consideration teaches valuable lessons while allowing you to keep your own opinions, anyway.

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2. Leo

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Even though you are a person of great charity and love, you tend to push a little too hard at times. You may find that during the Half Moon in Pisces, you see what happens when you force your reasoning on to someone who honestly doesn't see things your way. You may even find that their resistance is so intolerable to you that you end up insulting them. You may not even mean it, but on May 30, you might not be able to help yourself.

Because you not only think you are right but you are also under the impression that this other person has to see things your way. So when they don't, that's when the real trouble breaks out because, at this time, you aren't up for being contradicted. It would be best if you had it your way, and that means you need this other person to go along with you, no matter what.

The bright side: The lesson you're about to learn is that the person you ose on this day was precious to you and that you are sorry to have been so pushy. Was it worth it? Ah, that's the bright side. It was not worth it, and this valuable lesson will stay with you for the rest of your life. This one friend may turn you do, but it will teach you that some things are best left un-pushed.

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3. Virgo

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When a friend of yours tells you that they no longer follow your posts, you'll find that being defensive and snooty is your only response. Their loss. When your friend tells you that they can no longer be a part of your tirade of hate and intolerance, even though they themselves are showing intolerance, you feel insulted and affronted. They must be the enemy if they do not support your take on certain kinds of politics.

This kind of thinking really isolates you, Virgo. You might believe you're 'speaking for the people' when all you are really doing is voicing hate speech and showing a lack of empathy. You have zero desire to change, and you more than likely never will. You've made up your mind, and on May 30, when your friend confronts you and advises you to take it down a notch, you turn on them.


The bright side: The only bright side here is that, by sticking to your guns, so to speak, you get to feel good about your isolation. You are now free to believe in and spout out whatever it is you want from your podium. If you feel good about your rhetoric, then that's all that matters, as this is your life, and the opinions of others only let you know that you don't need the opinions of others.

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