3 Zodiac Signs Undergoing Major Personal Transformation On May 29

Three zodiac signs are going to call it quits on negative energy.

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This Wednesday, May 29, the unique and powerful moon square Uranus transit affects our power of resolve, and three zodiac signs may even find this is a turning point.

We cannot go back to being who we once were, as we've fought so hard to get where we finally are now. No longer can we allow certain things into our lives, whether that's in the form of toxic people or toxic thinking. Three zodiac signs call it quits on negative energy. This takes guts and courage, which is why the astrological energy on May 29 may give us a hard time. Still, once we know, there's no going back to not knowing. We've learned so much over the span of our lives, and we are finally at the point where we're ready to admit to ourselves that yes, we are bright enough to know the good from the bad and yes, we are strong enough in our self-esteem to stay true to ourselves, even when others want us to be someone we're not. 


This is a very powerful day for three zodiac signs, and while remaining strong may take backbone, we're ready.

3 zodiac signs undergoing major personal transformation on May 29

1. Taurus

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It wasn't so long ago that you had your mind set on something — and yet, that thing didn't pan out as you had expected. And you, being an eager-to-learn Taurus, definitely went ahead and learned something big from what happened to you. One of those major lessons taught you to trust your gut and not look back. On May 29, this Wednesday, you will know that when one door shuts, another opens.

And this is where you find your trust in the universe. Nothing is lost, and just because the transit of moon square Uranus shows you that you can't always get what you want, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll continue hopelessly wanting it. No, you are someone who learns their lesson and then applies it. And while you may not get a round of applause for your ability to move forward, you aren't basing your life's actions on what others think of you.

The bright side: What moon square Uranus brings you, Taurus, is trust in your self, and that crosses over into how you do things from now on. Disappointment only lasts a certain amount of time in your life. And yes, you were mightily disappointed in someone, but you don't see the point in holding on to this disappointment any longer. You are a free agent who moves through the world on the wisdom you've acquired.

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2. Virgo

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You've noticed that something in your life isn't working. You thought that if you poured your heart into this, that and the other thing that some sense of purpose would distract you enough. And yet, you can't help but notice the one very obvious thing: you aren't happy. So, if you're not happy, then all the purpose in the world isn't going to snap you out of it if that purpose is misdirected.

May 29 gives you a taste of your own self-deceit. And while that may sound harsh, it's the wake-up call you've needed, Virgo. You are now ready to be happy. You no longer need false bravado or inauthentic moves that show others how happy you are when indeed you are far from it. Moon square Uranus brings you unvarnished truth so that you may heal your heart once and for all.


The bright side: You get it. It has finally kicked in and you are starting to feel as though you don't have a second to lose. You have shifted gears, Virgo, and while it's been a long, hard journey getting to this place, you'll find that the moon square Uranus transit jumpstarts you into knowing that you can no longer waste time pretending to be happy. You want the real deal now, and you're going to get you some!

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3. Sagittarius

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You are aware of the fact that you're a little too quick on the trigger there, meaning now that you've found your voice and strength, you are almost ready to chomp someone's head off should they even say 'boo' in your direction. You are itching for a fight, and when that happens, people cower in terror — which is NOT what you like, but what you can't help when you get all ferocious as you tend to do.

The problem with people cowering in terror when in your presence is that nothing gets done. You get humored and feared, and while that might be cool when you're a young adult and you want to impress people with your headstrong attitude, during Moon square Uranus on May 29 it looks more like you being a problem. And who reaps the rewards of that problem? Nobody, as there are no rewards.

The bright side: Wednesday, May 29 lets you know that while it's true that you've passed the point of no return, you don't have to become a monster because of it. You'll see that you can get just as much done and said with kindness and respect and that chomping people's heads off only isolates you. Essentially, this is the time you learn how to balance your emotions and compromise with other minds.


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