2 Zodiac Signs Release Struggle & Experience Abundance On May 30

Embracing your true worth is the key to abundance.

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The Last Quarter Moon rises in Pisces on Thursday, May 30, 2024 bringing abundance and luck to two zodiac signs. Under the energy of the Piscean Moon, you are encouraged to release illusions and what may hang heavy on your heart to leave space for the newness that will blossom with the New Moon in Gemini on June 6, 2024. 

Pisces is the sign of the ethereal realms, mystery, and all that can’t be explained by logic. In its shadow, it carries illusions, fantasies, and the choice to numb yourself to life — while, on the other hand, it can help you embrace the unknown, develop a deeper faith, and surrender to the mysterious forces of the universe. 


The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces reminds you that it’s safe to let go. If you don’t know what will necessarily fill it yet, creating space for abundance and luck is just as important an action as anything else. Manifest your hopes by believing in the mystery of life and for two zodiac signs, at least, that abundance will come in full force.  

Two zodiac signs experience abundance on Thursday, May 30, 2024 with the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces: 

1. Leo

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Abundance Affirmation for Leo: I am ready to embrace the beauty of change.

Change really is a beautiful event, and while it does often bring a release, it would serve you to focus more on what you are creating space for rather than anything you are losing. Nothing that is ever divinely meant for you can be lost, so sometimes it’s also about giving yourself enough space so your heart can catch up with the plans of the universe. While you are adept at making magic in your life, you are being guided to take a gentler approach right now and to let yourself observe more of what feels like is coming your way so that you don’t miss a moment of abundance.

Thursday, May 30, brings the Last Quarter Moon to Pisces, highlighting your need to let things happen in your life rather than necessarily forcing them in a particular direction. You may be releasing the illusion that your ideas or plans are the same as those the universe has in store for you. It’s OK to relax into the process, to simply create space and leave it be, letting the divine fill it in its time. By being able to adopt greater slowness in your life and observing more of what arrives, you can actually more easily manifest what is truly meant for you.

You crave not just financial abundance but an abundance of time to be yourself or do what you please. While this has always been a central focus of yours, how it will actually show up might be a different matter. When you can ground yourself in what it is and recognize how your illusions have played a part in any challenges, then you can also trust that you are always in the divine right moment in your life. Trust is precisely what helps you manifest the freedom to live your dreams.


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2. Aquarius

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Abundance Affirmation for Aquarius: I am open to receiving the abundant life I have always deserved.

The only illusion you need to dispel is that you ever had to question if you were worthy of your dreams. Even if, in your heart, you knew what you deserved logically, if certain achievements were impossible or you were afraid you’d lose them, then you are still questioning your divine worth. Try to release this outdated mentality under the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces so that you can see how the universe will always bring you absolutely what you deserve.


The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces will rise on Thursday, May 30, helping you to release the illusion of unworthiness and of feeling as if you must prove yourself to others. By being able to see what this lunation brings, you can better understand how these beliefs have actually been affecting your ability to manifest. When you can let go of what you no longer need, you will be gifted with what does resonate. Make room for the abundance you have always deserved by simply surrendering to your inner truth.

The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces encourages you to walk away from any illusions that have you accepting less than you deserve — even if you are still growing in your worthiness, you can still embrace the divine mystery of what it would be to move with the power of the stars. Use a crystal-like Carnelian to build your sense of worthiness and let yourself visualize releasing anything that isn’t a part of an abundant life. You are meant for magic, and by creating space for the unexpected, you can finally also allow yourself to enjoy all you’ve ever dreamed of.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.