2 Zodiac Signs Fated To Experience Abundance On May 27, 2024

Negotiate the abundance you deserve.

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On Monday, May 27, Mercury in Taurus aligns with Saturn in Pisces, helping you use the power of your words to negotiate the abundance you deserve. 

Mercury is the planet of communication, and in Taurus, it not only focuses on the luxury of life but also on setting up a foundation for true success. As Mercury in Taurus aligns with Saturn in Pisces, you are given the gift of knowing precisely what to say and how to say it in order to manifest greater abundance in your life. This is an excellent time to present any projects, interview for a new job position, start a business or wager for higher compensation. 


When you can genuinely believe in your inner worth, knowing it’s because of your skills and qualities that you deserve a life of abundance, nothing can get in your way.

2 zodiac signs fated to experience abundance on May 27, 2024

1. Aries

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Let yourself tune into what you have always wanted for yourself and your life. See these dreams not as pointless ideals or false hopes but instead as the framework for what you are able to manifest. The more you can tune into your intuition, listening to the often-unconscious thoughts and desires, the more you can take action in turning everything you’ve always dreamed of into the reality you get to live.

Mercury in Taurus aligns with Saturn in Pisces on Monday, creating a unique opportunity to not only know you are worthy of the life of your dreams but also increase your sense of wealth. While Mercury in Taurus governs finances and your self-worth, Saturn in Pisces helps you to listen to your intuition and where you might be guided, which also means you might have some incredible ideas that you haven’t yet taken action on. When the energies of Mercury and Saturn align, you are given an opportunity to not only make good on some of your divine ideas but to know that you are worthy of all you seek in life — which is one of the biggest determining factors for actually being able to manifest it.

Spend time reflecting on any ideas for the income you haven’t yet taken action on, whether it’s a new career proposal or side business. When it feels as though there's not enough time in the day to do it all, remember that you are already being given all that you need to succeed. You just need to utilize it fully. 


Check-in on how worthy you feel about living the life of your dreams, being successful, financially abundant or having the romantic relationship you desire. Practice affirmations where necessary, but remember that you can have everything that you want — you just need to start laying the foundation for success with the conversations in your life.

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2. Leo

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Focus on how you can use change to your advantage in your career as Mercury in Taurus aligns with Saturn in Pisces on Monday, May 27. Mercury governs over offers, opportunities and new business dealings while in Taurus, bringing in new positive changes and developments as it aligns with Saturn in Pisces in your house of transformation. Don’t be afraid to look more into a new role or area in your career, as you may need to make some shifts to manifest genuine abundance in this area of your life.

Mercury in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces hold a great deal of meaning for you in your career. While you will feel like you're at the top of your game and weeding through offers or what you really want, you are also encouraged to embrace the transformation process. Understand that just because you may have invested a particular amount of time at a particular company doesn’t mean that a new one won’t have a better offer. Although you try to find a balance between following your desire for success and doing the work to achieve it, you may very well need to embrace more opportunities for newness in order to make the strides you are hoping for.

As the energy of Mercury and Saturn begins to filter into your life, observe the offers or opportunities you receive in your career or workplace, as there will be one option that may seem like a greater risk. Pick the one you are being guided to take as you surrender to the process of change and signal to the universe you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.