3 Zodiac Signs Make Wise Decisions That Improve Their Love Lives On May 27

We are about to embark on an era in the relationship that is strictly dedicated to healthy choices and decisions.

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All couples go through phases together — sometimes we feel great, and sometimes, not so much. However, on May 27, an Aquarius moon conjunct Pluto is our helpful cosmic guide, an energy that inspires three zodiac signs to embark on an era in the relationship that is strictly dedicated to healthy choices and decisions.

Togetherness is key here, and during the Aquarius moon conjunct Pluto, we see that we not only want change, but as a couple, we will strive for the same things. And hand in hand, we will eventually make all of our goals. 


For these three zodiac signs, this is a time of challenge and excitement. We will do this and we will feel better about ourselves for putting in the effort.

3 zodiac signs make wise decisions that improve their love lives on May 27

1. Taurus

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Not only are you ready to take on a new lifestyle change, you are adamant about doing it with your partner, as they could definitely use a change as well. Whether it comes to you via a wake up call on Monday, May 27, or you are simply inspired to change because of Moon conjunct Pluto, what you'll know for sure is that whatever you do, it must revolve around health. Both you and your partner have been lucky so far, but will that luck last if you don't take your health seriously? Moon conjunct Pluto comes to you as a helpful reminder that you can only get away with so much.

You've never felt fragile or weak, and you don't ever want to be. Both you and your partner are now so turned off by the idea of taking your bodies for granted that you both go on an all-out campaign commencing on Monday, May 27, to do the right thing for yourselves in terms of health and well-being.

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2. Leo

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Nothing like a Monday to implement new changes. With Moon conjunct Pluto at your back, you and your romantic partner can take full advantage of this time and carpe diem, as they say. You've always been enamored with the idea of optimum health, although you are one to admit you haven't really applied that desire to its full extent.

On May 27, it will seem as though the time is right — and it is, Leo. This is the perfect time for you and your romantic partner to get fit. It's not about outer appearances but more about feeling good in your skin and loving the person you are because you feel healthy. You want your outer self to match your inner glow, and because you believe in yourself, you want to honor that body of yours with health.

Your partner is right there beside you following you on this journey, as this seems like the best choice in the world to them. They may even be the reason why you've decided to embrace this health journey. Together, you'll raise your levels of health and well-being. You may not ever want to go back to anything less.

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3. Sagittarius

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You've always been somewhat of a health freak. You've gone through all the 'right' diets and lifestyle choices. Some have brought you great results, and some are just fads that came and went. What's stayed is the idea of health. You want it, and so does your partner. But because you both love each other, you want to support each other as well on this path to health and well-being.

During Moon conjunct Pluto on May 27, you will feel that this is as good a day as any to start your journey. What may feel like a new beginning is really just a continuation of a journey you've been on all of your life. You are merely tweaking things here and there to make it work for you. One thing you do admit is that it's better to do this with someone, which is why this is a very happy time for you.


You and your partner will rapidly grow into a lifestyle that has you loving your life and enjoying your healthy new choices. This goes for mental health as well as physical. It's a mind-body package you're working with here, Sagittarius, and this means you'll include truth, conversation, open communication and acceptance. All things considered, as they say. You are ready for the rest of your life together. Health, all the way.

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