3 Zodiac Signs Notice 'Red Flags' In Their Love Lives On May 26

Ignorance isn't necessarily bliss.

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Leave it to Moon square Mars to go where we might not have wanted to — or in this case, see what we really don't want to see. During this transit on May 26, three zodiac signs notice something rather weird going on in their love lives that might not exactly read as 'wow, that's great.' In fact, on May 26, we may pick up on a few 'red flags,' and that's never a welcome experience.

Still, it's better to know that ignorance isn't necessarily bliss. We don't want to be lied to, and we don't want to live a li — or worse, enforce a lie by pretending it doesn't exist. During the transit of Moon square Mars on May 26, we will pick up on something, and we won't let it slide.


3 zodiac signs notice 'red flags' in their love lives on May 26

1. Aries

You've recently started noticing that your romantic partner isn't exactly sticking to the plan. While the plan was never made official, you're starting to feel as though they are deviating a little too far from the original way of being that brought the two of you together in the first place. This is pretty much typical of what the Moon square Mars transit can bring to your life, Aries: doubt, curiosity, and perhaps a little suspect.


Your partner seems to be changing courses on you, and you aren't sure you like where this is going. Why are they suddenly being 'that way?' You may ask, and you may even receive an answer — but your gut will tell you that something here is not right. Because of Moon square Mars, you'll feel very uncomfortable with what you perceive as a serious red flag. Your 'fight for flight' impulse will take over because whatever's going on inside your mind is triggering you, and you aren't sure you want to stick around to see where all of this is going.

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2. Leo

Because you pushed the limit with your partner, you've come to realize that this person may not stick with you through thick and thin as you thought they would. During Moon square Mars on May 26, you'll see that you might have pushed it a little too far and the person you call your romantic partner may not be the person who will just sit back and let you do your worst.

While you're very much willing to change and 'up your game,' you might feel as if the damage is done and that your romantic partner might have already moved on mentally. This was someone who truly loved and accepted you, yet you pushed them too far, which has led the two of you to this point. The red flags you've given off are those they've picked up on all too well.


So, it's a reversal of fortune — you are now the one who is picking up on the warning signs. You think that your partner might have fallen out of love with you intentionally because they don't feel they can handle another of your outbreaks. What you'll feel during Moon square Mars is that you may have pushed things too far and it's time to make amends.

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3. Sagittarius

You didn't want to see it, but your gut tells you that you can't look away. What you'll see this Sunday is proof that your partner has not been true to you. During the transit of Moon square Mars, it's quite easy to feel hostile about your discovery, but you will keep this to yourself...for a bit longer, at least.

The thing you don't want to say is the thing that has become quite apparent; you knew this would happen. You knew it, and you got involved anyway because, well, that's what people do. We ignore the red flags until it's too late, and then we have to deal with a heaping bowl of in-your-face truth. That is what May 26 brings you, Sagittarius: a large serving of everything you don't want to see.


Perhaps this is a way for you to trust your gut from now on so that if you do pick up on a red flag feeling, you'll listen to it next time. Or, perhaps there will be no next time, as your feelers will be on high alert. You'll be able to avoid getting yourself into a situation with a romantic partner that will eventually collapse due to lies and deceit. You see the red flags on May 26, and you act accordingly, Sagittarius.

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