The Universe Helps 3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Hardships Under The Energy Of The Capricorn Moon On May 25

This is a strong transit that pushes us in the right direction, if we are looking for answers.

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We've got ourselves a Capricorn moon this Saturday, May 25 — and that means we're about to make sense of a few things in our lives. This is a strong transit that pushes us in the right direction if we are looking for answers. Pragmatism and practicality rule during this time, and for three zodiac signs, this means coming up with some solid solutions to a few 'age-old' queries.

3 zodiac signs that'll thrive under the energy of the Capricorn moon on May 25

1. Aries

What you've been going through these days has affected your romantic life, and you want to get past it so that you can get on with the good stuff. Well, it's May 25, and you've got a Capricorn moon on your side, Aries. This means that if you put your mind to it, you'll come up with a reasonable solution to whatever it is that's been going on inside your mind.


You know that you've been snappier than usual and you don't mean to be — but you can't help but express this kind of frustration to the people you love most, meaning the person you are with romantically. They might have mentioned something to you as well, and while you know they are right, you still can't figure out why you're being so rude to them. They haven't done anything wrong!

This is where you open to the idea that maybe something is going on unconsciously, as in you've been harboring ideas you refuse to acknowledge. This is where your partner can be of great help, as they will suggest a few things to you at this time that could potentially unlock those hidden emotions. Trust in your partner at this time, Aries, as they hold the key to helping you release some of those inner demons. It's all going to be OK.

@thelunarchild Replying to @user7982946167787 the moon will transit through Capricorn from 10/20-10/23.Get clear. Get focused. Take accountability over your life to create the life that will make you feel fulfilled. With pluto squaring off with the sun this weekend and the moon being in the mix… get ready for deep transformation. #dailyastrology #moonincapricorntransit #plutoincapricorn #deathandrebirth #capricorn #capricornarchetype #redefiningsuccess ♬ original sound - Lauren

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2. Leo

Being a very bold and aggressive person, you, Leo, aren't always ready to take a long look at yourself, especially when you feel you are in the middle of a crisis. It's been rough for you these days, but during the Capricorn moon, you'll want to make sense of what you've been going through. 

You know there's something wrong, yet you haven't reached out for help and you don't want to burden your romantic partner. That's exactly why you need to get past yourself on this one and reach out. They are here to help you, and the reality is that during the Capricorn moon on May 25, they have the means to guide you. This is no dummy you're with. You chose to be with this person because they ARE brilliant and helpful, so take advantage of their smarts, as they may have insight as to why you feel so irritable these days.


So, on Saturday, you put aside your ego and confess to your partner that you need help. You don't want to feel like this. You want to be free, and as the Capricorn moon would have it, it's quite easy to do when you know you're not doing it alone. You can feel safe and sound in the embrace of a partner who truly wants what's best for you, Leo. Trust in the universe and heal your heart.

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3. Capricorn

It's not that you have ever been opposed to things like therapy or self-help books, but you (kind of, sort of) thought you had done all of that in your early life — and isn't it supposed to stick? Ah, that's what the Capricorn moon shows you on May 25: the work is always there, and while you have healed 'this,' there's still 'that' to work on. This is when you admit to yourself that you could use a little help.

What's beautiful about all of this is that you don't fight it. What's extra special is that you have a very patient partner who is willing to either get out of your way or stand close by your side, whatever it is that you need. In other words, your romantic partner is there for you to do as you wish in the name of love and emotional support. This Saturday is a good day to trust this person, as they mean only the best for you.


Plus, it's a Capricorn moon, and that automatically puts you in the right frame of mind for self-help! You can do this. You've done it before, and you'll do it again, no doubt. You know one thing: if there's a solution, then you'll find it. You aren't about to live your life with pain, and you are more than capable of getting to the bottom of it all. Why not do it with the one you love, as they will stand by you no matter what happens?

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