3 Zodiac Signs Receive Warnings From The Universe When Mercury Aligns With Saturn On May 27

Quite simply, we do not want to know the truth.

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Mercury aligns with Saturn on Monday, May 27, bringing warning signs that big change is on the precipice for three zodiac signs in particular. 

Saturn energy alerts us and shows us that we need to pay attention. With Mercury in the mix, we're looking at timing, communication, and an intelligent approach to changes that these three signs may not necessarily be looking for.

3 zodiac signs receive warnings from the universe when Mercury aligns with Saturn on May 27

1. Gemini

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Selective ignorance has become a lifestyle choice for you, meaning that you've started to see certain questionable things take place in your relationship. And quite frankly, you don't want to admit that anything is wrong. However, it's kind of hard to do this while Mercury aligns with Saturn, as this aspect really puts you in line with the truth. 

Monday has something in store for you. You already know what it is and you're already on guard, not wanting to accept the truth. You will tell yourself that, even if you do pick up on a warning sign, it's not so bad. Not really. Nope, not that bad...nope, not bad at all. This is selective ignorance because your higher self recognizes that something is definitely wrong, triggering you into feeling inconvenienced. You want things to go smoothly, of course. Who doesn't? You know that if you have to confront that warning sign, then your life might end up uprooted, and you'll have to do things you don't want to bother doing. That is how you end up ignoring the warning signs, opting for 'blindness' on May 27.


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2. Cancer

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You have always found ways to protect yourself. When it comes to love and romance, while you are someone who totally gives their all, the last thing you want to know is that the person you have given your all to is not being upfront about something very meaningful in your life. On Monday, you may notice that this person is not being truthful with you.


When Mercury aligns with Saturn, it's much harder for you to think the worst, so you make a conscious decision to see things positively. While this is admirable and definitely spares you any hurt feelings, you are not fond of the idea of pretending it's all 'alright,' but you will this Monday. This, of course, builds up resentment that you will eventually need to address. You know this, too, as you are wise, Cancer — but as of May 27, that Saturn energy has you holding tight to that which you feel doesn't hurt. 

Even though you know this is selective ignorance on your part, it's your choice and it's the one you'll take.

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3. Pisces

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You'd rather tell yourself that everything is just fine and dandy. Even though that warning sign that was just displayed shows you that you really should be on the lookout, as your partner is not acting normally and this has to mean something. Their behavior surprises you and you aren't sure what to make of it. So, to spare yourself the pain of actually finding out, you pretend that everything is great 'as is.'

During this Saturn transit on Monday, you will feel something deep in your heart that registers as betrayal, but that's way too much for you to consider, especially because you believe so intensely in your partner and their motives. You don't want to look at the idea of such a thing, as you feel you can stave off the pain by pretending it doesn't exist.

This can work for you for a while, but even you, Pisces, knows it can't last forever. Something is going on. You've seen the warning signs. While you've tried to ignore them, you can only feel as though you're rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, so to speak, prompting you to come up with some solutions.

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