3 Zodiac Signs Release Sadness & Experience Deep Healing On May 23

This one is really up to us.

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On Thursday, May 23, 2024, releasing sadness will be a choice. Will we sign on for this release or renew our contract for another few months...or years? This one is really up to us. We don't like to think we have this kind of power, meaning the ability to 'give something up,' as in sadness. If we're sad, we're sad, and we know it, but is this a permanent sentence, or do we get a say in the matter?


During Venus in Gemini, we most definitely catch on to the idea that we can stop this once and for all by simply believing that there is more to life than our immediate experience. For three zodiac signs, the power is ours to use, and it all hinges on that Gemini factor; will we say 'yes' to moving on, or will we say 'no?'

We are not victims, and we have to remember this. We may have started out as victims, but this lasting state is really up to us, and nobody wants to feel like a victim for long. When we realize that, oddly and ironically, we are responsible for everything that happens to us, no matter how good or bad, we can claim the power of authenticity. We are bigger than our sadness; we are greater than the sum of our pain.


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3 zodiac signs experience deep healing and release their sadness on May 23

1. Gemini

On Thursday, during Venus entering Gemini, you will experience a change in your life. Something's about to happen, and it's a very good thing. However, you aren't expecting it to go down this way, so it may surprise you. At this time, a wave of positive energy is heading your way. Someone from your past will reach out to you and help you release your sadness.

They don't have this in mind, of course. This release of sadness isn't pre-meditated, in fact, it's all just 'chance,' if such a thing exists. You have to work with Venus in Gemini, which is always good and positive. By having this person back in your life, you'll see that so much of what you felt was burdensome and sorrowful is now just something you can let go of. In other words, this person reminds you that you are more than just a 'sad' person; you are a person of love, joy and hope.


What you once held on to so tightly that your fingers could break now feels as though it's made of sand...it's light, airy and ready to be sifted through your grasping fingers. All you needed was a helping hand, which this person from your past has unconsciously offered you, and you'll take it, Gemini. You can walk away from the sadness that has held you captive for far too long.

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2. Virgo

You have come to a point in your life where you've started to realize that the sadness you've dragged with you day in and day out is really not serving you, nor has it ever. During Venus in Gemini, you'll be offered a choice, which will come from the universe itself: Are you willing to take on more pain, or are you finally at that place where you can free yourself from this unnecessary burden?

On May 23, this Thursday, you will see that you've paid your dues, and the odd part is that you never owed them in the first place. You've taken it upon yourself to drag around this dire sadness since you were a child, and while you have every right to feel the way you've been feeling, you also have the right to live your life in peace, and that is how Venus in Gemini influences you and frees you from this sadness.


The sadness you've been lugging around like dead weight is no longer relevant to your life. It will be around this time that you come to terms with the idea that you've done all you can on this topic and that it's time to kiss it all goodbye. You crave happiness, peace and positive energy and will release yourself from the bondage of your personal case of sadness.

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3. Sagittarius

Living for the present is what's on your mind these days, Sagittarius, and that means you will have to give up your attachment to the past, which all means to you. You've made excuses about the pain you carry around with you, and you're going to see that the sadness that hovers around you has been made into a crutch that you use to prevent yourself from having new experiences.

It is during the very important transit of Venus in Gemini that you see the light, and you feel as though 'it's time' to let go of that sadness and get on with your life. We've all been through 'too much' and you're starting to see that sadness is something we all share...but that you, personally, don't have to make it into your lifestyle choice. You are now ready to let go of it, and Venus in Gemini will help you to move forward bravely.


You identified with your sadness, and it made you the person you are now, but you can unmake this identity just as easily as soon as you realize that this is, indeed, within your power. This Thursday, you are opening your eyes to a truth that you've never allowed in before, and now, you're going to put that truth into practice. This is where you release the sadness in your heart and make room for the present.

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