4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The Full Moon In Sagittarius On May 23

Those with rising, sun or moon placements in these zodiac signs will experience significant effects from this full moon — here's why.

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Mutable signs will experience the strongest impact of the full moon in Sagittarius on May 23rd, 2024. It will be a potent event, especially since Jupiter rules this transit before changing signs a few days later on the 25th. 

Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo will experience shifts that will help them find the optimism that may have dissipated due to Saturn in Pisces' effect. While this full moon closes a critical chapter, it will still represent a time for these placements to incorporate more love, joy, expansion and hope into their daily lives for the next year.


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4 zodiac signs most affected by the full moon in Sagittarius on May 23

1. Sagittarius

A monumental year awaits, and the full moon represents the prologue. Jupiter, your ruler, will be ingressing the sign of Gemini on the 25th. But before you can experience the impact of the transit, you will be in reflective mode during this lunar transit. 


The full moon in your sign represents a resurgence for you, a powerful method to reclaim your power and control. After all, Saturn in a mutable sign can feel daunting as you continue to process some lessons you dealt with when Saturn was in your sign. Your identity will be the focal point, specifically how you can emerge once more into who you are with pride. 

For the Sagittarius sun, moon and/or risings who may feel like they are dealing with imposter syndrome, this full moon will help you rediscover your talents, potency, and power, alllowing you to shine and not be ashamed of your accomplishments. The addition of Jupiter in Gemini will help you get out of your shell, connect with people and feel very much in your element as you heal those relationships from the past and usher a new chapter for them in the future.

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2. Pisces

Another Jupiter-ruled sign that will feel the impact of this transit the strongest. Nevertheless, you have been in the spotlight for a year, and the transit puts into perspective how others see you. Expect praise for your hard work and all you have accomplished. This transit can feel like a midterm report or an exam you are trying to complete, but because you have taken this class before, you will surely pass with flying colors. 


The full moon in Sagittarius helps you find your place in the sun. Still, it serves as a reminder that you must be more meticulous with how you present your work and carry yourself because, with Saturn in your sign, people pay attention to everything you do. Make sure to remain diplomatic and tactical. You are here to stand out and show others what you are made of. Saturn may help you be more meticulous and methodical, but Jupiter will help you see your incredible abilities and mastery.

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3. Gemini

The full moon in Sagittarius will open your eyes to glimpse what you desire in relationships as you enter this new phase of growth and understanding. A cycle will close with this moon transit since you will be more comfortable letting those relationships in the past be. Right now there will be an element of honesty due to Saturn's aspect to your sign, making you more conscious of what worked and didn't work for you in previous partnerships. 


With Jupiter ready to enter your sign, you can prepare for more growth and learning — but this time, it will feel a lot more enjoyable since it will tie in with what you love to do. Gemini is all about experiencing new things to learn and making good connections with people, especially those you can acquire knowledge from. Building and strengthening your bonds can feel more accessible if you are in a relationship. If you are single, you have the potential to meet new people who will bring a lot of excitement into your life. 

There is more of a power within you that is awakened during this time, helping you enter a new period with more of a positive outlook because you know you are unstoppable.

4. Virgo

The theme of this transit is radical self-love and not being afraid to breathe passion into the things you love to do. Rediscover what brings you joy and relish it from home; this is where the transit allows you to visualize what you want to achieve and accomplish for the year ahead. You tend to listen to your inner critic, but this full moon will remind you to silence the voice and believe in your potential. 

Do not be afraid to reach the summit because you most likely have a valuable support system. This full moon transit wants you to see the importance of family/friends, community and your healing system. You may feel loved and protected, and you may even reminisce about when you last experienced this energy the most in the last six months. Now, the chapter closes, and you will see who has helped you achieve your confidence and abandoned you. Keep those people who have helped you flourish and treasure them.


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