Bad Friendships End For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 22

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Isn't it funny how we don't recognize a toxic friendship until it's too late? That's the tricky part about friendships; in the same way as all relationships start, we go with what we see. They say, 'You don't get a second chance to make a first impression,' while this is true, what do we do once we see that second impression? And, what it that second impression is one that turns us off?

Friendships come and go, and as we get older, we come to know that this is just the way it is. Some friendships last a lifetime, and for that, we are grateful, but on May 22, 2024, during Sun trine Pluto, three zodiac signs will clearly recognize that someone in their life has to go. We are past first, second and third impressions by now; we are starting to see 'the rot.' Our faithful friend no longer magnetizes us with their pull; they are someone who repels us now.


Then again, such is life. We must have well-rounded experience when it comes to friendships. It's starting to feel like gaining unsavory friendships is just as important as the 'lifers' we've grown to trust. All in a day's work, we suppose. We know that during Sun trine Pluto, we feel strongly about ridding ourselves of the people in our lives who make us feel poisoned. Doing this is easier said than done but not impossible.


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3 zodiac signs whose unhealthy friendships end on May 22

1. Libra

You've been around the block a few times to know that not everyone is as upfront as you'd like them to be. In fact, you have not always lived up to those golden standards. At least you know what you're up to, and if you choose to change, you do. You aren't about hurting people, so if you feel your behavior has been remiss, you do your best to change your ways.

Change is very much on the agenda for May 22, as Sun trine Pluto leads the way and shows you that there's someone in your life who is less than honest with you. You've found this information out the hard way, and while you seriously did trust this person, you'll come to see that not only have they been lying to you, but they've been up to some really shady stuff.

You feel too mature to want that kind of deviousness in your life. Maybe when you were a kid, but not as a person with responsibility and self-respect. Sun trine Pluto reveals that you've got an unhealthy friend who cannot grow up, and in doing so, they wish to take you down with them. You know this will not happen and this friendship has ended.


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2. Aquarius

While you can admit to yourself that you don't like hearing things that oppose you or are in direct conflict with what you believe about yourself, the last thing you'll take is when someone in your life continuously judges you and calls you out. Yes, you can admit that you can be stubborn at times and that you really do want to do things 'your way,' but there's this one friend in your life who just can't shut up about how 'wrong' you are.

On Wednesday, you'll see that this person has officially pushed the envelope. They've gone beyond what a friend can do and say, and you're starting to feel attacked by them. They are getting off on this! This isn't friendship. This is someone beating up on you verbally all the time, every chance they get, and during Sun trine Pluto, you'll pull the curtain down on this weird friendship.

You have tasted the toxic vibe that comes with this person, and you have decided that enough is enough. You aren't here to be this person's verbal punching bag; if they have difficulty being nice, that's the end. You aren't here to be their teacher; you just wanted a trustworthy friend, and it seems you got a toxic one instead. Bye-bye.


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3. Pisces

You don't mind being alone, in fact, you love it, and you'll spend a lot of time being alone in the next few days once you realize that the company you've been keeping was a toxic waste dump of a friendship; one you know you can no longer entertain. On Wednesday, you'll see this person for who they are and want to run away from them.

Sun trine Pluto is the transit that changes everything for you as it shines a light down on a relationship that has you finally understanding that all you've been in it is used. You aren't that weak, Pisces, and you are about to show this other person that if you decide it's over, it's over. They will have to start getting the point once and for all.

You don't need bad friends in your life; you've never been desperate for friends, and honestly, you've got other, kinder, most respecting friends that you can share your life with...if you choose to. As for right now, you're content to let this person go and spend time on your own. Sun trine Pluto shows you that change is good, even if the cause for that change is negativity.


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