3 Zodiac Signs Who Become Even More Attractive To Others Starting On May 21

We didn't like what we saw ... and so, we did something about it.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Especially Attractive On May 21 Halay Alex via Shutterstock / Chant is industries and Pixabay via Canva

By the time the Scorpio Moon opposes Mercury, we've already experienced so much inner turmoil that we feel unworthy. We have just gone through a very weird period where we didn't feel we could cut it. Our neurotic side took over, and we didn't like what we saw. So, we did something about it.

That's why May 21 is so special for three zodiac signs. This is when we finally see that accepting 'worthlessness' as a permanent condition is plain silly. Even we, who have felt so down over the last few weeks, will call it a truce. We are no longer chained to the idea that we are 'less' than others in beauty, health, body, and mind. We obviously change in this particular Scorpio transit, and others notice.


Three zodiac signs might notice that they attract onlookers during this time and that the attention we garner is positive, even impressive. We are impressive, and all we had to do was shake off the idea that we were not worthy of such positive attention. It was that simple, but the lesson involved was complex and stirring. Once we see this, we don't go back to unseeing. We radiate beauty and peace on Tuesday because we have cleared our emotional body out of anything that might prevent that level of radiance.


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3 zodiac signs that are especially attractive on May 21

1. Sagittarius

You don't suffer from a lack of self-esteem, and that's not because you haven't had plenty of opportunities in that department. You've learned the hard way that the best path is the path of self-love. You believe in yourself, but this takes a while to develop. Now that it's here and you feel fully confident in who you are, you exude beauty this Tuesday, and it is noticed.

You clearly see that you have no choice but to love yourself and work on your health. You aren't swayed by fads or the idea that you should question your beliefs. You know what you believe in, and you're not following the crowd. You are self-sufficient, resulting in a physical presentation of beauty and light.

It doesn't matter what you look like, as your beauty comes from within. While others may laugh at that idea, you are still true to yourself. You don't mind what others think or believe in regarding health, diet, exercise, and self-love. You are who you are; being that fads and trends are for other people, you stick with your truth and glorious attractiveness.


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2. Virgo

When you believe in yourself, the floodgates open, and you realize that this life is good and that living it is the best thing ever. Happiness translates as beauty in your world, and beauty is truth. You feel good about your health, allowing you to feel safe in a world of craziness. You feel great about everything as long as you have a healthy mind and body.

On May 21, you'll be in touch with that feeling BIG TIME. The Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury shows that it is good to believe in what you have as precious and that this is your one life, so you might as well hold tight to it and honor it with self-belief. Life has shown you that it's all so fragile and that at any minute, it could be ripped away, so you honor it.

Because of your love of life, you start to shine. Beauty is what others notice when they look at you, and it directly results from your inner radiance. You could be 20 or 90; it matters not. What matters is that you've finally come to that place where the external matches the internal, and your internal beliefs are made up of pure Virgo beauty.


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3. Aquarius

You may notice that you are in the spotlight. It shows you that what you put into the world is what you get back. It just so happens that you've been putting out a lot of loving energy. Whether it's geared towards one person or the whole world, you'll see that it all translates to love, beauty, and light. You will generate this kind of light for others.

You are not only attractive in the eyes of others, but you seem to read as an example to them. During Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury, you'll see that it's quite easy to believe in yourself and to act on that belief. You aren't deterred by trends or fads. Being yourself 'as you are' lets others know that you are, indeed, the example of what self-love does to a person.

You are beautiful through and through. All of it is caused by your own belief in yourself. You may even be seen as an idol now, as your example will inspire others to be as beautiful as you are. This isn't your intention but a byproduct of your efforts to love yourself and show others that this path does work. You radiate love and beauty, and you show no signs of stopping.


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