Relationships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 21

On Tuesday we will give it up ... and get it all.

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If the transit, Moon opposite Mercury, has one lesson for us all at this time, it's the one that has us letting go of just about all our expectations and being surprised by the idea that our release makes room for more of the very thing we've accepted as something we need to let go of. In other words, on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, we will give it up, and get it all.

Sometimes, that's how the universe likes to show us that our attachment can be the thing that stands in our way. For three zodiac signs, we will see that our clutch hold on a romantic partner has prevented us from experiencing the love that person has to give. On Tuesday, we will see that we were concentrating on the wrong things, and by letting go of that focus, we can finally see clearly.


For three zodiac signs, this could mean lightening up on our expectations of what the other person is 'supposed to do.' We may think that if they love us, they must do this, this, and this. When they don't, we plummet into despair and disappointment. During Moon opposite Mercury, we let go of those expectations, and we'll find out that we are now free to receive the kind of love our partners can deliver, which will be surprisingly amazing.


Relationships improve for 3 zodiac signs on May 21

1. Taurus

What you are in the presence of right now, Taurus, is a major lesson unfolding right before your eyes. You get the message, and it will now be up to you to either take it in or return to ignorance. Of course, you cannot do this. You know what you have to do and how to do it. This concerns your love life. You've expected miracles from your partner and discovered that your partner is not a miracle worker.

So, during the Moon opposite Mercury, you will come to terms with the reality of your relationship. It's not so bad once you let go of your great expectations. You've been holding your partner to an unachievable standard, and all it's gotten you is anxiety and pain. Letting go of your expectations frees you to see this person for who they are, and as you'll notice on Tuesday ... they aren't half bad.

So, you heal. You heal your heart from the damage you've caused yourself due to an overactive mind that sets you up with the idea that you are owed more than you are presently receiving. Your partner loves you, and while they are imperfect, you'll find that by accepting them as they are, you stand to receive even more love.

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2. Gemini

On Tuesday, one thing that will be obvious in your life: expectations can end in disaster. You have always had an intensely high set of standards, and because of this, you've found that it's become something similar to setting up hurdles for your romantic partner to leap over. When they fail to live up to your hurdle-filled expectations, you take them to task.

This is not fair to them or you. By allowing them the breathing room to be themselves simply, you'll see that we human beings are flawed creatures, but with the help of the Moon opposite Mercury, you'll also notice that there's great beauty in the fact that we are imperfect.

What this transit brings out in you, Gemini, is your ability to adapt. The world is imperfect, and the search for perfection is a lost cause. It's time for you to open your heart and your mind so that you can see the true beauty that is right in front of you. May 16 break down the barriers between you and all the love you want in your life. Let it happen, Gemini. Open your heart ... now.

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3. Capricorn

On May 16, you will realize that the person you've been with is not the person you want them to be and that this is OK. You have tried to mold and bend this person into being someone they are not. You've finally started to catch on to the fact that you are not the one who can change another human being. You can affect and influence them, but their change is up to them.

During the Moon opposite Mercury transit this Tuesday, you'll set it's OK to let go and let them be. This is your way of throwing in the towel, so to speak, but it doesn't come with that resignation or the negativity. What you are doing, Capricorn is that you are letting go of your expectations. By doing so, you free this person to be themselves again without the fear of disappointing you.

Once you see how happy this partner of yours becomes, you'll simultaneously notice that it's nice to be with someone happy rather than trying to please you all the time. During Moon opposite Mercury, it may be hard to express yourself at first, but you'll find that you don't have much to say in the long run. You'd rather kick back and enjoy the way it all goes. There is no need here for judgment.


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