3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Change On May 19

This world gives and takes, and we must abide by its laws.

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The astrological energy of the moon opposite Mars is known for sparking endings, and three zodiac signs are most likely to experience this in some form in their friendships.

Not everything is meant to last — not even friendships. This world gives and takes, and we must abide by its laws. Under the influence of moon opposite Mars, three zodiac signs understand that the time is right for endings to take place — and the good part is that we are ready for it.


3 zodiac signs whose friendships change on May 19

1. Leo

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Even though it may take you a while to process what's going down, you will rise above it all by the end of the day, when you realize that losing that one troublesome friend of yours was inevitable. You two could not possibly go on, not after all you've been through. And while some of us use the experience to learn from and grow with, you know in your heart that you and this one particular friend can never mend. The damage is too great.


Still, it's not the end of the world and you feel this in your bones. In fact, you're kind of happy to finally get it over with. Because of Moon opposite Mars, you are able to own your part in this breakup. And as far as you can see, you're not going back. This happened for a reason, and on Sunday, May 19, you'll know that, in the case of this friendship, all things must pass.

It's OK. In fact, it's better than OK — it's a relief. You weren't sure you'd feel this way before the fact, but now that what's done is done, you can't help but feel as though a heavy load has been lifted off your chest. Yes, there is a degree of sadness here, but it doesn't outright that sense of relief. This is what will lend itself to you making better judgments in the future, Leo. You'll be OK.

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2. Libra

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Whatever goes on during Moon opposite Mars on Sunday, May 19, 2024 affects a friendship with someone you once treasured. Do you still treasure this person? Absolutely not. 

Yes, this is reality, Libra, and while you'd like to work with ideals and fantasies, you've come to know that real life doesn't work like that. What you wanted out of this friend is not only impossible, it's heartbreaking to think that it didn't happen. Perhaps all you really wanted was for this friend to love you, but what you found out was that all they were doing was using you for this, that or the other thing. This hurts you, and while you feel you've spent enough time licking your wounds over it all, warrior transit Moon opposite Mars shows you that the time for feeling blue is over and out. Now, all you feel is the need to put it all behind you, and you will do that very successfully. 

May 19 is a day of healing for you, and while you feel you had to pay a high price, you've also learned a great and meaningful lesson: do not trust everyone. That may sound jaded, but look what just happened to you. You don't need to become cold and hard, but you do need to be wary next time around.

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3. Pisces

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You'd like to think that the friend you have just let go of was mean to you, or that they were the reason the friendship dissolved, but you know better. All friendships take two, and whether it has something do with pride or ego really doesn't matter any longer. What you know is that, with the help of Moon opposite Mars, you'll understand that this once close friendship has run its course.

It happens, and you've been here before. You aren't naive and you know that there are irrevocable moments that can occur in friendships, even if those friendships were forged in love and laughter. You aren't bitter about this. In fact, you are solid, strong and able to continue on without them. In your book, it's all doable. It's all OK. You'd rather part on amicable terms than duke it out as if you have something to prove. You don't have anything to prove and you are willing to take responsibility your role in the changing friendship. 


Sometimes things just don't work out, and you are mature enough to understand that if a thing must be, it's because it must be. Everything happens for a reason, as you've come to understand and accept.

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