3 Zodiac Signs Experiencing Positive Transformation After A Long Struggle On May 19, 2024

We are going to flip over to the positive side at this time.

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If anything in the universe can change our minds about something we may have been stuck on, it's the energy of the planet Neptune. And on May 19, Neptune is going to work — and three zodiac signs here will reap the benefits of such a planetary event.

Sunday, May 19, 2024 brings three zodiac signs into a happier place. Our attitudes are changing and we feel better about life in general. We can't shake the feeling that by thinking positively we can create positive results. We are a living example of the Law of Attraction at work. We think great thoughts and end up living great lives because of the way we think. This is no joke: we've got a Sun/Neptune transit at hand, and we are definitely going to make the best of it.

@larryeasleygalaxy Happy Friday, y’all! Just wanted to hop on and give some quick words about this weekend, a welcome bright spot of pleasant astro skies. 🌞   Tomorrow, May 18, we have a delightful Jupiter cazimi going exact at 2:45 PM ET. Occurring at 28° Taurus, the Sun and Jupiter unite and bestow us all with an extra helping of warmth and optimism. This is often considered one of the most pleasant, positive transits in astrology. This is a feel-good influence, and any activity or project undertaken on this day benefits from a certain promise of enjoyment.   The free-flowing vibes are exacerbated by a Venus-Uranus conjunction occurring simultaneously at 23° Taurus. This energy is about creativity and enjoying a slice of life beyond your usual norm. Keeping an open mind to the unusual might bring you unexpected blessings.   On Sunday, May 19, the Sun perfects a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This transit helps to conjure up a little bit of magic and some much-needed good will, adding a layer of rosiness to the atmosphere. You might feel a touch more sentimental or giving on this day. Lean into that warmth and share a special moment with someone, or show yourself a little extra love.   The only word of caution I have for this weekend is to just remember your limits. Jupiter and Uranus can easily fly off the rails when their abundant energies aren’t kept in check. So make sure to have some fun, but just don’t go off the deep end! Got any fun or relaxing plans this weekend? If not, make some! xx #fyp #astrology #astrologyposts #blackboyjoy #zodiacsign #horoscopes #jupiter #uranus #taurus #jupitercazimi ♬ original sound - heyluhrayy

3 zodiac signs experiencing positive transformation after a long struggle on May 19, 2024

1. Cancer

Enough with the bad vibes already, Cancer! This is what you'll be telling yourself on May 19, as you completely recognize that you've become the downer of them all, and you are, quite frankly, tired of hearing yourself complain all the time. What are you even complaining about? That's what gets you — you feel as though you got sucked into a vortex of negativity and you really don't know why you let yourself continue on like that.


Here comes revelation. As soon as the Sun/Neptune transit stirs your imagination up a bit, as it will on May 19, you'll see that this maelstrom of 'bleh' is all your own doing. The change you need is the change that is always available to you, and you're going to get you some this instant. Enough of the negativity, it's time to welcome in some positive energy.

First of all, it's May, and you want to be a part of the 'brings May Flowers' thing, meaning you want to thrive, grow and show off your beauty to everyone. It's time to shove that old negative ghost back into the closet so that the real you can shine, shine, shine! You are truly the one who is responsible for the way you perceive things and as of this Sunday, you'll see a very happy change starting to take place.

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2. Scorpio

If it's all in the mind, as you have come to believe, then your mind needs to do some heavy lifting, as you've spent a wee bit more time in the doldrums than need be. It's time to switch up that perception a bit and get yourself to higher ground. You've been in dire need of a mental 'facelift' and it seems that the Sun/Neptune transit will come to your rescue.


When you get your golden attitude on, things change. You see the world as a happy place rather than a place to fear or run from. When this Sun-Neptune transit arrives in your life, you'll notice that you aren't contracted to be unhappy. You didn't sign on the dotted line. In fact, you're the one who writes the rules in your life. So on Sunday, you'll take a different road, one that leads you to happiness.

Be kind to yourself, Scorpio. Don't stay in that place where you feel the need to constantly judge yourself as wrong or unworthy. You are just as great as the next person, so take that as a vitamin pill and let it run through your system so that you can restore your mental health and revitalize your life. This bright new perspective of yours will save you, so don't stand in its way!

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3. Pisces

One of the things you may notice happening this Sunday, May 19, is that half of the things you've deemed unacceptable are not even worth bothering with. You pay a lot of attention to the minutia of your life, subconsciously making drama out of nothing. This shows that you are bored and in need of a new outlook — why spend another second dwelling on someone else's life, when all it does is bring yours down?


Changing your attitude takes work, but the entirety of it happens in a split second. You'll see that during this Neptune transit, it's quite easy to see the world from the other side of the fence. You are no longer attracted to the dramatic negative. The gossip and the speculation seem trite and you want more from your life now, and on Sunday, that's exactly what you'll get — because you'll create it that way.

One little shift in your perspective is all it takes to reroute you from the negative to the positive. And once you get a taste of what it's like to move through the world without stopping to judge everything in your line of vision, you'll notice that you feel light, easygoing and at ease with your own self. This is where the big transformations start — this is where you reclaim your happiness, Pisces.

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