3 Zodiac Signs Forced To Confront The Truth (For Better Or Worse) On May 19

There's a solar alignment taking place with Neptune that comes with a reality check.

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Sunday, May 19 comes with a reality check — which may not exactly be what three specific zodiac signs want to hear. There's a solar alignment taking place with Neptune that will reveal the truth, whether or not you want to accept it. Neptune exposes secrets whether we're ready to own up to them or not.

In this way, the astrological energy of Sunday, May 19 presents us with a choice: accept or reject. Neptune's energy unfolds in ways that let us understand that whatever we're going through, we must confront it and nip it in the bud, once and for all. So, if you've been putting something off or trying to convince yourself and others that this 'thing' doesn't exist, Sunday will have us facing our demons and ousting them properly. The truth definitely sets us free.


3 zodiac signs forced to confront the truth (for better or worse) on May 19

1. Taurus

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Oh, you know deep down in your heart that something isn't right — and the last thing you want to hear are the words of 'advice' coming from others who are just dying to let you know what's on their minds. You wanted your life to be predictably beautiful. Something happened that stopped that, full halt — and it has something to do with the partner you chose to spend your life with.


On Sunday, during the Sun/Neptune alignment, you'll see that everyone and their mother are lining up to say, "I told you so!" Ugh, thanks...so helpful. NOT. May 19 reveals that you made a mistake. And don't you know it all too well? It seems that everyone around you is more obsessed with letting you know what they think instead of feeling empathy for you.

The bright side: The lack of empathy brings out your desire to fight your battles on your own terms. After people get tired of telling you what you should do (or what you shouldn't have done in the first place), you'll start clearing your mind so that you can handle the outcome on your own. During this Neptune transit, you'll be able to find strength coming from deep within. You can handle the truth — you just don't need others to jam it down your throat.

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2. Leo

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Something in your life seems to be coming back to haunt you, and you really aren't into accepting the truth of it. To accept it would mean you'd have to acknowledge it as real, and so far, you've managed to keep this under the covers and out of sight. You aren't fond of the idea of other people knowing, either, as the last thing you want is to make a big deal out of it.

On Sunday, during this solar event in Neptune, you're going to deny that you were ever a part of this 'thing.' Still, you know the truth, and Neptune is going to have you facing it head-on. The interesting part is that doing so is not as horrific as your mind made it out to be. You did something odd, and now, you have to own it. Still, it will end, so know this.

The bright side: It's all in a day's work, Leo. You will find that whatever became big enough in your life to make you feel you had to deny its reality now seems like a big deal. Funny how that works. Your mind played a trick on you, and now, you get it. You can walk away with a cool head after Sunday is over as you'll realize that the truth was not as harsh as you had pictured it in your mind.

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3. Scorpio

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There's something about Sunday that has you reminiscing over an old memory, and the more you think about it, the harder it gets for you. So much of this occurs because as you think, you gain insight — and the vision you have at this time is one of you making a very wrong move. You regret it, and you did at the time, as well. But still, the ghost of that action haunts you now.

Neptune is unearthing all of this for you, Scorpio. While you know it's all in the past, your present mind is pushing it to the here and now. You do not want that to happen. There's a truth here that you don't want to admit to, as it would make you feel foolish or ridiculous. You realize that you're a different person now, but still, you can't help but want to rewrite history.


The bright side: The good part is that, while you can't rewrite history, nobody is asking you to because nobody is paying attention. When you realize that this denial of truth is your burden alone, you'll also realize that you can get it over with a lot faster if you just accept and move on. That is how you'll turn this day around for yourself, Scorpio: Accept it, and move on.

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