3 Zodiac Signs That Change Their Own Lives For The Better On May 19, 2024

We need to express ourselves in ways that convey the 'cosmic joke' that we sometimes feel we are living through.

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On Sunday, May 19, 2024, under the influence of the moon opposite Mars, three zodiac signs will be very much in touch with their inner jokester, allowing them to crack jokes that will have us all feeling dire and well-deserved relief.

There is such a thing as taking one's self too seriously, after all. Pretending that everything is sunshine and roses is not only false, but it robs us of that one thing that makes life worth living: humor. When we pretend that everything is as great as it can possibly get, we all sense when we're overdoing it. And while being positive is definitely the better of the choices, toxic positivity turns into fraud.


Enter: Sarcasm. It's good to make fun of ourselves. It's good to lighten the load by injecting a little 'hopeless' wisecrack in to show ourselves that we aren't faking this life. In order to know good, we must recognize bad — this is a world of duality. We cannot pretend that every day is sheer loving perfection, because, well, it isn't. Hey, at least, we can laugh at it! And three zodiac signs will do just that, ultimately changing their own lives for the better.

3 zodiac signs that change their own lives for the better on May 19, 2024

1. Virgo

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If you didn't have a sarcastic personality and a mouth to match, you wouldn't have half the fun you are having now! And because your partner happens to think you are the funniest person ever to grace the planet, you'll be quite happy to continue on your merry way. You are happy because you are uncensored. There's no pretense with you, Virgo, and you'll prove that laughter is the best medicine available on May 19, 2024.

If you had to fake your way through the world by pretending everything around you is marvelous, you'd feel like you weren't truly living your life. Life is tricky and weird, and it definitely has both its positives and negatives. And if you have anything to say about it — which you always do  — then you're going to make it sarcastic and hilarious. This is what keeps you alive and thriving. This is what keeps your relationship filled with levity.

During moon opposite Mars, you would rather dance with the sinners than sing with the saints because you have found your purpose in this life, and that is to make others laugh and feel comfortable around you. You cannot take toxic positivity, and you won't — you will make jokes and keep it light for as long as you possibly can, because this life comes only once, and you are going to live it on your terms, that's for sure.

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2. Libra

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This Sunday, May 19, brings out that inner jokester in you. You'll find that by making jokes about serious situations, you can absolutely disarm everyone, making situations so much lighter by interjecting a sarcastic laugh here and there. This is what makes you come across as a real person, and your romantic partner loves this about you. You are not pretending to be someone you're not, which is ultimately attractive.

If you didn't have sarcasm in your life, you'd find it duller than dull. You don't understand what's so alluring about pretending that 'everything is beautiful' when it most definitely is not — not all the time, at least — and you are drawn towards being realistic, in your life as well as in your friendships and romantic relationships. 


Life is hard enough. Why reject some snarky laughter if it's what makes life easier to cope with? You have come from the dark and you have a story to tell, and you mean to tell it realistically. Being someone who has seen so much, you want to offset it all with humor. During moon opposite Mars, you'll be fully equipped with a stockade of jokes to set everyone around you at ease. There's no point in pretending that life is easy; is it fantastic? Yes, but so is making fun of it, and that's what you'll be doing on Sunday.

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3. Sagittarius

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Sarcasm is wit, in your book. If you can turn a phrase in such a way that makes others laugh, then your work is done here. On Sunday, you will be in fine form where the laughs are concerned. And if there's one person who really appreciates your dry sense of humor, it's your romantic partner. Of course it is, as you can't imagine yourself being with a person who can't appreciate sarcasm!

During the transit of moon opposite Mars on May 19, you'll be that 'real' Sagittarius once again — the person who tells it like it is, who doesn't hold back and is always honest with your feelings. You don't see any point in wearing rose-tinted glasses to obscure your view of reality. You are happy and healthy and so much of it has to do with you accepting that the world has both its positive and negatives.

Sunday, May 19 proves to you that by making light of dark situations, you are able to rise to new heights. You love the idea of hope, happiness, great love and immense joy, but you are also very much a realist. And if being 'real' means kidding yourself by pretending that everything is nonstop bubblegum and glitter, then you'd rather stick with your good old sarcastic jokes and the crowd who loves to hear you spew your wicked, wicked ideas. Just go for it, Sagittarius. Don't let us hold you back.


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