3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Fear & Pursue Their Dreams On May 16

This day is for the go-getters, the believers, those who believe in themselves.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Fear & Pursue Their Dreams On May 16 ergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com

Ready, aim, go! This is the feeling we will have on Thursday, May 16, and during the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo, in the heart of Taurus season, three zodiac signs will find themselves chasing a dream they absolutely KNOW will come true. This day is for the go-getters, the believers who believe in themselves and will stop at nothing to achieve something beautiful and magical.

While Virgo transits are always here to help the dreamers of the world out, this Waxing Gibbous lunar phase suggests that it's only the beginning. We've just started our journey towards great success, and we hold determination and persistence in our back pockets. Three zodiac signs are familiar with what it's like to move stealthily towards a goal; only the strong survive on this one.


What's important to know is that we need not disturb this bunch of dream-chasers during their journey. What begins on May 16 may end in great success, but we do not know when it ends. We know that during this Waxing Gibbous in Virgo, we must let it happen. The pursuit is on. The whistle has been blown, and the gun has been shot into the air. Those of us who have a dream will run like mad towards that goal, and we will capture the prize without a shadow of a doubt.

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3 zodiac signs who overcome fear & pursue their dreams on May 16

1. Taurus

Not only is it a good time for you to get into something new, but it's also the last week of the birthday season for you. Taurus, you've got that mad optimism about you. You can do anything and feel very positive about your place in the world. On Thursday, you'll feel like there is no dream you cannot both pursue and capture as your own.


You are that one person in the crowd who can take a bad experience and fully learn the lesson from it so that you can use it to your benefit someday. Well, the future is here and now, and you'll feel that inspiring Virgo energy running through your veins, and it will make you feel very proactive and engaged.

You have taken your time to figure out exactly what you want out of this life, and it seems that you've finally come up with a good, solid plan or, at least, an outline that leads you in the right direction. You won't be deterred, either, Taurus. You've got a dream to follow, and it inspires your every move and gives you faith in yourself; you want to believe in something makes you feel good.

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2. Gemini

Something about the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo on Thursday has you feeling confident about your dream and filled with enthusiasm and energy for pursuing it. You will get what you want because now, you've put together the plan, and that plan is based on reality rather than fantasy. While you are a great dreamer, you've learned that 'keeping it real' is what makes things manifest.


This is good for you, as it shows you've matured. You may have always been a dreamer, but you've come to understand that following an impossible dream isn't as romantic as it might be in a song. You are here to manifest that which CAN be made real, which gives your life hope and meaning. You are no longer a child; it's time to start thinking like an adult.

You have an adult dream worthy of the time put into it. You feel strong and daring; you aren't afraid and that is mainly because you're not the same person you were once upon a time when you stayed in the safety of a fantasy world. Now, the world is real, and you are ready to meet it head-on. You will notice a shift in the universe as it makes way for you and the pursuit of your very good dream.

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3. Sagittarius

If there's one thing you've learned in this lifetime, it's that if you are obsessed to the point of total focus, you will manifest whatever you want. You've also learned that if your heart is not fully into it, the doubt that arises will kill that dream and show you that you really aren't into it. So, when you really ARE into it ... stand aside, world Sagittarius is on the move.


You have made miracles happen in your life so far, and there are people who stand by and watch with awe in their eyes. How do you do it, and what causes this to happen? It's all about your personal one-pointedness. It's like a meditation, and the mantra is a repeated vision of what you want to happen. You will once again be in touch with that superpower of yours, and you will make your dreams come true.

You have the patience, too. You aren't counting on instant gratification, and that's one of the reasons you can pursue such lofty dreams; you will wait as long as you have to because you want to get it right. You need to get it right, and that's where your laser focus comes into place. This is where your Sagittarius nature rises up. You are the brave warrior, half horse, half human, bow and arrow in hand, posed for winning. You make dreams come true.

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