3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest All Week Starting May 20

What we want is to be understood, listened to, and respected for our ideas and opinions.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest All Week Starting May 20 - 26 Rezual Karim Siam from MD. REZUAL KARIM, golfcphoto from Getty Images, Sketchify | Canva Pro

There comes a point in a person's life when we know that we have to stand up for ourselves because if we don't, we'll have established ourselves as people who continuously 'take it,' and after a while, that definitely takes a toll on one's health. We will be telling certain people in our lives that while we are sorry we cannot oblige them, we trust in our own gut feeling, and when this has something to do with love and relationships, we may find that the three zodiac signs mentioned here this week, will have to do a little 're-arranging' when it comes to the partnership, and it's 'rules.'


This is the week that three zodiac signs tell it like it is, and whereas, at one point, we didn't think our partners would ever listen to us, we will find that with the help of certain astrological transits, the idea of standing up for ourselves really pays off.


Our strongest allies can be found in Moon trine Saturn, Sun trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Jupiter, a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Venus trine Pluto, a Capricorn Moon, Jupiter in Gemini and a Saturn/Moon alignment. We aren't trying to stir the pot; we honor and respect our love relationships. We want to be understood, listened to, and respected for our ideas and opinions; we will find that we can easily have what we want.

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These 3 zodiac signs will have the luckiest love horoscopes from May 20 - 26

1. Aries

You aren't exactly happy about how things went down with a certain romantic interest in your life, but now that things are over and the air is clear, you feel as though you made the right move. Whatever has happened in recent months between you and your partner, it seemed to have gone from blissful and promising to 'yikes, who IS this person, and do I really want them in my life?'

The thing is, Aries ... you know that if you continued to 'take it' from that one person, things would never end. You'd take it forever because you'd have established yourself as the pushover who doesn't say anything back. The idea of that is ridiculous to you, as you are very pushy, very adamant and very honest about your true feelings.


You'll be so supported by the above-mentioned transits that you'll know that whatever you choose to do, you'll be doing it to show yourself that you really are as Aries-Strong as rumor has it. It's a good week for you because you've chosen the path of righteousness; you are doing what is right for you, which is a sign of self-love and self-respect. Always good.

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2. Leo

What makes a great feeling for you is that you've gotten over certain things, leaving the rest of your life in peace and happiness. You and your romantic partner weren't getting along for a while, and so much of that was that you just sat there with your mouth shut while they took over.

At first, them taking over relieved you of your duties and gave you a break. Then, as time went on, you saw that your partner seemed to like being in control, and they took control of you, Leo, and deep down inside, you know that was a no-no. During this week, you remind yourself of your power and stand up and demand a healthy relationship conversation.


And what you get out of the deal is a new understanding of the next moves, forged in words. You don't want to be controlled, and you'll find out that your partner never wanted the responsibility anyway. So, all it takes is for the two of you to be upfront and honest with each other. To air what's on your mind is best at this time. And good luck to you, Leo.

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3. Aquarius

While you are madly in love with the person you are with, you've also been very upfront with them regarding one particular opinion you have; you're not going back on that opinion, and you're not about to change your mind...ever. You've informed them that this is how you feel, and you may find that your partner seems to have ignored what you might call 'the rules.'

This is where you need to give them a refresher course in your reality. You aren't here to play games, and you do love this person. Of course, they love you in return, equally, which is why whatever it is that must be said must be said this week. You don't want a misunderstanding to upset things, so you'll stand up for yourself.


You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that your partner is so much more willing to understand you than you gave them credit for. What you'll see start to unfold is a new understanding built on communication and timeliness. Neither of you will hold on to a thought if you feel disturbed by something. This week opens the gates for amazing shares and proper communication skills.

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