3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Problems & Find Happiness On May 15

During Mercury in Taurus, once we start to heal, there's no going back.

3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Problems & Find Happiness On May 15 Dean Drobot via Canva Pro/Chicovnaya via Canva Pro

We are fortunate enough to be hosting the Moon trine Mercury in Taurus on May 15, and what we'll see happening at this time is that, for three zodiac signs, what once stood in our way no longer seems threatening — not even in the slightest. This is the perfect time to get over struggles and to know that what we've been through now presents us with a one-way door: there's no going back in.

That's how it is during Moon trine Mercury in Taurus. Taurus energy enables us with stoic fortitude, and allows us to see that we are stronger than our problems. Not only that, with Mercury's lunar touch thrown in there, we may even feel as though we've got it all figured out. We know that we will never return to that former state. We are strong and now, and we persevere.


Whatever our struggles may be, it will be on May 15 that we look at these issues and weigh them for what they are worth. Are they worth much? Not in a world that has us wishing for happiness, no. If the value we attribute to the obstacles that have been in our way is greater than our desire to be free of them, then we're in trouble. Fortunately, we find our obstacles valueless during Moon trine Mercury in Taurus. To life and happiness!

3 zodiac signs overcome their problems and find happiness on May 15:

1. Gemini

You may find yourself laughing aloud on Wednesday, as you didn't see what was coming. So, what's coming? You're about to figure it out, Gemini, and as Taurus energy makes its last blast in your life before Gemini season starts to kick in, you're going to find that that heavy load you've been carrying around for years is now, *poof* — gone.


So, it seems that during Moon trine Mercury in Taurus, you can get over something, and when you think about how much time you've put into giving this 'thing' importance, you may giggle over the idea that you have kicked it. It's done, baby. No more 'that thing.' You know it because you've got proof. Something in your life is about to change for good, and it's all so positive and rewarding.

It's ironic how this 'getting over obstacles' act works for you, Gemini. You held on for so long to a belief that you saw start to fade out over the years, and yet, out of habit, you kept it going. You kept that sadness, that defeat, that feeling of negativity alive, and for what reason? Ah ha. That's what created a new way of thinking for you on May 15. You can't find a reason to overcome this obstacle, so you kiss it goodbye.

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2. Libra

For you, it's time to make way for the new. You feel it in your bones, and you can't shake the feeling that something big is coming your way. This 'big' deal is positive and liberating and you, Libra, will know that your time has come during Moon trine Mercury in Taurus. The obstacles that at one point prevented you from moving forward are now things of the past.


You have no good reason to allow these obstacles to resurface in your life, as you have spent much time figuring out what they are worth and whether or not you wish to continue feeling oppressed or burdened by them any longer. The choice is clear, and Moon trine Mercury in Taurus helps you do so.

You'll find that May 15 is a good luck day for you so much that you can't help but feel like life has finally cut a path for you. While you've always had a sharp mind and a confident way of going about things, you're going to see that during Moon trine Mercury in Taurus, communications because very easy for you, which means that if you're able to 'say it out loud,' then it will manifest for you. You can admit to what brings you down, and now you can move past it. Good for you, Libra.

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3. Pisces

Here's a day that promises you a way out of the darkness you've built for yourself, Pisces. While you aren't always in a tough spot, on occasion, you get yourself into a mindset that simply won't let go. Wednesday, you'll be able to pinpoint what is seriously not working for you anymore.


This was your obstacle, and it certainly did get in the way. Did you let it, Pisces? Yes, you did, which is why, upon discovery of what's going on, you decide to push it out of the way, once and for all. No more are you subject to being at the mercy of an obstacle that you can control, and control it, you can and will.

Moon trine Mercury in Taurus is such a strong influence in your life that you'll find that whatever's been troubling you not only dissipates but ultimately disappears. This is when you seriously consider that you've made the right move. One good feeling leads to the next, and before you know it, you're downright HAPPY. That's your reward, Pisces. You created this situation.

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