3 Zodiac Signs Who Improve Their Lives For The Better On May 15

In order to be happy, we have to stand up for ourselves.

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May 15 brings many people here a change of heart, as the Leo Moon trines Mercury and supplies us with enough self-confidence to do that one 'most terrifying' thing: saying 'no.' We all want to be happy, and sometimes we forget that to be happy, we can stand up for ourselves. Often, that means saying 'no' to situations that compromise our happiness.

Sure, life is all about give and take, and if these three zodiac signs are going to make life better for themselves on May 15, then we are certainly going to have to let others in our lives know that we mean what we say when we say, "No." We're not saying 'no' to everything. We will find that saying 'yes' isn't always the right thing to do. It's at this time that self-confidence starts to look like fearlessness.


Often, we think of a 'better life' in terms of having more money or falling in love. So much of what makes our lives as beautiful as we wish them to be revolves around what we can and can't do and how to draw that line. We may be taking a chance on May 15, but for those of us who mean it when we tell ourselves we want a happy life, taking that chance is worth it.


3 zodiac signs improve their lives for the better on May 15

1. Taurus

You have a big heart, which is one of the reasons you have so many friends, and people tend to fall in love with you very easily. You love being who you are and are happy that people seem to like you. You're a fun person who likes to party and have a good time, but you also have ultimate self-respect. You may love a good party, but you aren't about to ruin yourself over one.

What you'll experience on May 15 is the idea of someone in your life — someone who loves you but maybe a little on the pushy side — taking advantage of your good and happy nature. While, on the one hand, you're always available to this person, you're going to see that what they want of you now is not what you are willing to give.

You have vowed to yourself to be good; you will never do things that make you feel compromised or inauthentic. To make life better for yourself, you will find that during the transit of Moon trine Mercury, you are firmly established in saying 'no' to the person who asks too much of you. Once you open your mouth, they can take it or leave it. That's that.

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2. Leo

One of the reasons you are so dedicated to making life better for yourself is because you've realized how hard you've made it in the past. You take full responsibility for your actions, but the key here is not to repeat them. On May 15, during Moon trine Mercury, you'll find it rather easy to step aside and honor this idea. If someone in your life thinks they can 'tempt you back into your old ways, they will have to get in line.

The work you've done on yourself, in health, in love and in life, in general, are things that took a lot of time and energy to create. You're not going backward; you will make this known during the communicative transit, Moon trine Mercury. This is when you speak up and without reservation. You are here to stand tall, and you won't buckle for anyone.

In the past, you didn't like saying 'no' because that could lead to someone rejecting you or, worse, disliking you. You want everyone to like and approve of you, but as time goes by, you feel more and more confident in yourself, Leo. That is what will have you turning someone down at this time. You can't be swayed, tempted, or influenced to do something you feel is 'wrong.'

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3. Sagittarius

May 15 allows you to see that all your hard inner work is finally coming to fruition. You have unearthed all you can. Your inner demons were set free, and now you are left with a clean slate. You feel ecstatic about your progress, and the one thing you've noticed about this 'new you' is your ability to say NO when you mean 'no.' You are no longer afraid, Sagittarius. You will not go back on your desire to have a happy life.

So, during Moon trine Mercury, you may be challenged by someone who asks too much of you. What might have felt like a challenge at one point is no longer even slightly threatening to you. You've had a taste of paradise, and it looks like you are being strong while enforcing your blissful state of being. You will not be swayed.

It's taken a long time to become this free, and you are certainly not ever going back again. Happiness is real, and you've got it. During Moon trine Mercury, you'll find it's exceptionally easy to communicate this feeling to others. You are not going to do what makes you feel uncomfortable. Not now, not in the future. This is your life, and you will live it on your terms.


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