4 Impactful Astrology Transits Bring Profound Change For Each Zodiac Sign's Relationship May 15 - 16

Take advantage of this energy.

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The astrology this week brings important changes for each zodiac sign's relationship starting on May 15 and 16 — and it's imortant to understand these transits so you can be prepared with the feelings and adjustments that will happen during this time. While these astrological aspects will spark some challenging discussions, the goal is to move your relationship toward a path of abundance and reciprocal love. Take advantage of the energy, as the zodiac signs who lean into the discussions and seemingly 'hard times' this week may bring will come out of this with even more beautiful relationships than they could even imagine. 


4 impactful astrology events this week that bring profound change to each zodiac sign: 

1. Astreroid Ceres Stations Retrograde on Wednesday, May 15

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Asteroid Ceres stations retrograde in Capricorn, drawing your attention to building a foundation of love, peace, and nurturing within your relationship. This can help you focus on practical matters, including plans for the future or your living arrangements so that you are ideally setting the space for love to be able to grow. In retrograde Ceres in Capricorn can help you understand the changes need to occur so you can feel more supported in your relationship, creating the space for a deeper connection and improvement.


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2. The First Quarter Moon In Leo on Wednesday, May 15

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The First Quarter Moon in Leo will also peak on Wednesday bringing in a point of action and the ability to overcome challenges to bring your intention to fruition. The First Quarter Moon is a halfway point from the New Moon in Taurus and the Full Moon in Sagittarius making this a phase for taking stock of matters of the heart and figuring out how to move with the energy so you can become bolder in your relationship. Leo is a fire sign that rules the heart, so you may be challenged with figuring out how to be able to listen to yourself to make progress in your romantic life.


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3. Mercury shifts into Taurus on Wednesday, May 15

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Adding to the energy shifts on Wednesday, May 15, Mercury, the planet of communication shifts into Taurus beginning a new cycle in expressing what is most important to you. After a prolonged period in Aries during its retrograde phase, Mercury in Taurus should help to improve the energy in your romantic relationship by helping you focus on foundational matters and creating more space to enjoy the connection you share. This may also help you focus more on foundational matters, especially if finances play a part in your union, as Taurus doesn’t just want to be in love, but also in a state of overflowing abundance.


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4. Asteroid Pallas moves into Scorpio on Thursday, May 16

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Asteroid Pallas moves into Scorpio as part of its retrograde journey and inspires you to reflect on what is worth fighting for — and what isn’t. Pallas governs wisdom, boundaries, and your ability to take a stand for what is right, or what you want. In Scorpio, Pallas becomes focused on the truth, as well as your inner desires that you may not always take notice of. During this phase of Pallas’s retrograde in Scorpio, it’s important to create space to get in touch with what you need, and what you are willing to fight for when it comes to love. While your relationship should never feel like an all-out war, knowing what is worth investing your energy into and what isn’t can help create the space for a healthier more reciprocal love.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.