2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 19, Thanks To Jupiter & Neptune

The pursuit of truth always leads to a life of abundance.

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Truth is the highest pursuit that you can undertake in this lifetime. Pursuing truth doesn’t mean speaking it but discovering the one within yourself and leading your life from a place of high authenticity. In the pursuit of truth, you will be able to rise to challenges, take the risk of new adventures, and continue to progress, knowing that in your heart, it is what you are destined to accomplish. The truth also carries one of the highest energetic vibrations, which means you will be better able to attract increased luck and abundance into your life.


Jupiter in Taurus will align with Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, May 19, bringing about an incredibly lucky and abundant day to help you tune into the energy of divine truth and embrace your higher self. Jupiter governs over matters of expansion, luck, and abundance, so as it aligns with Neptune, ruler of dreams, fantasies, and spirituality, you begin to look at life more hopeful and deeper. 

Let Jupiter and Neptune's energy reveal your divine path by showing you the truth of what matters most and what your soul craves to explore. By focusing on the truth within yourself and your life path, you can move ahead, making miracles happen and manifesting even greater abundance than you first thought possible because what you believe will create the life you live.


2 zodiac signs experience abundance on May 19, thanks to Jupiter and Neptune

1. Aquarius

Abundance Affirmation: I am manifesting the life of my dreams.

Spend time listening to yourself. Believe in the thoughts and ideas that arrive and embrace your intuitive knowing about the life you are meant to lead — and what it will take to achieve it. You have a gift that you are meant to share with the world, and while you might feel satisfied enough with the life you have created, it doesn’t mean you’re not destined for more. Try to move as if you have the entire universe behind you, supporting each of your steps and incredible dreams, no matter how far-fetched they seem, because you can see a truth that others may not be able to.

Jupiter in Taurus will align with Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, May 19, bringing you a beautiful occurrence of truth and the ability to attract greater abundance into your life. Jupiter is the planet of luck and will seek to expand any area of your life that it touches. Since 2023, it has been in Taurus which has brought up matters of healing, family, and your home. As it begins to end its reign in this earth sign, you are also being guided to bring a specific area of focus to fruition that has been your focus for the past year. 

As Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Pisces, it will bring up significant meaning and opportunities for growth in your self-worth, finances, and what you value the most in life. The energy of Jupiter and Neptune will increase your bottom line and allow you to honor your truth so that you embrace the opportunities for greater joy and connection in your life.


To make the most of the divine occurrence of Jupiter and Neptune, spend time reflecting on what Jupiter has been trying to show you or expand upon since 2023. This will mostly be about healing your past and creating a stronger, larger, and even more loving home and family unit. 

As much as you’ve embraced each moment with hope, you may now be guided to fully embrace the truth of your emotions and allow yourself to move to a new phase of your life. By knowing what you are worth and trusting your truth, you can feel confident to commit to the life, or even relationship, that you know is part of your destiny.

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2. Cancer

Abundance Affirmation: I am trusting in the divinity of new beginnings.


It can be hard to trust the new beginnings the universe is trying to bring to your life, especially with how much has changed in the past year. You truly have overcome so much that you need to ensure that you are focusing on your future and not your past. Of course, if matters are still undone, that may be challenging, but it won’t genuinely change anything. There will be opportunities to settle matters that arose in 2023 for further closure as this year progresses. On Sunday, May 19, you are being guided not to let anything stop you from embracing the new beginnings in your own life.

Jupiter in Taurus will align with Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, May 19, creating an opportunity to expand your life so that more joy, connections, and support can enter. Neptune in Pisces will highlight matters of travel, luck, and even spirituality, while Jupiter in Taurus has been trying to expand your social circle over the past year so that you can see many of your heartfelt wishes brought to fruition. Try to believe in life being far better in the future than it was in the past. This is no time to reflect and stay in the cloud of should have’s or would have’s. Instead, you must embrace your current life and see that you are empowered to make of it what you wish.

Jupiter and Neptune help bring you opportunities to step out from any ruts or even isolation you’ve felt in recent months so that you can truly embrace a life full of love, support, and joy. You truly are being guided to set your sights on new beginnings, and whether it’s a weekend trip with friends or even reconnecting with family members, you hold all of the cards in changing matters for the better so that you can see just how much abundance and goodness surrounds you. Everything you have been through has prepared you for this moment. Now, it’s your chance to make the most of it so the new beginnings in your life can finally bring what you’ve always wished for to fruition.


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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.