3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On May 14

No secret stays with the person we've shared it with, but we are about to see if this one is different.

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We know we have a secret and want to share it with the one we love, but we can't help but feel a little giddy at the idea of letting this private information out. We finally feel as though we can trust our partner so we can divulge our innermost thoughts to them. During the transit of Moon trine Mars on Tuesday, May 14, we will let it rip.

We all know that sharing a secret has its risks, as in ... no secret stays with the person we've shared it with. We very much hope like heck that they DO keep our secret, but there's always that nagging reality that if one person knows, they'll probably tell at least one other person ... and so on and so on. Can we handle this? No, but that's how the cookie crumbles, so we'll just have to deal with it.


Moon trine Mars has it so that we 'can't' keep our secret to ourselves, which starts the ball in motion. And for three zodiac signs, this transit is the beginning of 'loose lips sink ships.' If we confess something big, we must prepare ourselves for the consequences. Maybe ... just maybe, it's all meant to be. What we do know is that by confessing, we free ourselves. The truth sets us free.


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3 zodiac signs whose relationships improve on May 14

1. Leo

The truth is that on May 14, you'll be in the mood to 'show off' a little, and while this is no 'new news' for you, what you want to show off also happens to be a secret you've held on to for a long time. You've got something on your mind that you don't feel you can hold inside any longer, and you feel very comfortable with this one person in your life, and it's starting to look like you're about to let it all out.

It's a bit of a confession, actually, and if you don't let someone know soon, you'll start to feel repressed, which is exactly why this takes place during the transit of Moon trine Mars. The Mars aspect here wants nothing to do with imprisoned thinking. You are here to express yourself, to let go of what you've been keeping secret. Expect to feel very relieved.

You aren't overly concerned with the reaction to your confession as much as you are interested in just saying it aloud. There's something very freeing and purifying about not walking around holding on to this personal secret any longer. You can trust the person you will share your story with, and you know it. This makes the experience special and liberating.


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2. Virgo

What brings you to the place where you want to confess something that you've held inside for a long, long time is that fact that you're tired of lying, and you no longer wish to keep track of what you said to deflect from the truth you've been holding back. It will be on Tuesday, May 14, during Moon trine Mars, that you wish to divest of the burden you've held on to for far too long.

As you come forth with your truth, you may fear bad reactions, but fear not, as the irony of this experience will show you that...everyone knew already. What you thought was your perfect disguise was something the people in your life had already figured out. The good part is that nobody held it against you, and so you don't have to worry about people judging you unfairly.

May 14 has you coming to terms with the idea that honesty really is the best policy. As you see how accepting you are, even when admitting to a secret you thought was totally yours alone, you'll find that it takes much less energy to tell the truth than it does to lie or deceive. The days of deception are over for you, Virgo, as you work very well under the influence of the Moon trine Mars.


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3. Capricorn

You are about to let loose a secret you've kept inside you forever. While you aren't even sure the importance of this confession has any relevance now, you're going to take that chance and share with your romantic partner what's been on your mind. With the help of the Moon trine Mars on Tuesday, May 14, you'll finally get it off your chest, once and for all.

What you'll see happening as a result of this confession is a reason for your partner to love you all the more. That you trust them is something that warms their heart; in the long run, it's not so much the content of this sharing that touches them, so it's the fact that you chose THEM to share it with. This brings the two of you closer together.

You'll walk away with the knowledge that your secret meant a lot to you, but as time went by, its relevance really wasn't all that meaningful. It meant something to you, but now that it's out in the open, nobody is really all that affected by it in all the right ways. You are free now, Capricorn. All has worked out for you after all.


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