3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve On May 13

We are strong and we will say NO if we mean NO.

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Have you ever felt as if the people in your life have somehow devalued you, or perhaps it's more along the lines of you feeling as though they are not seeing just how great you really are? This isn't a conceit. Some of us really are great, and we have talents that are taken for granted. On Monday, three zodiac signs may find themselves wanting to say, "Hey! Over here! I'm worthy of respect, yo!"

During the transit, the Moon opposite Pluto, we'll realize that we are being taken advantage of, and it's not going to make us happy. We may have spent a lifetime letting this kind of thing slide, but there's something powerful about the way this particular Moon opposite Pluto transit works on our nerves and our courage; we get it. We see it. We have been made to feel less than worthy, which angers us.


However, this is also the turning point, as Pluto never disappoints. While the lessons may take a while to sink in, the lesson that three zodiac signs will be learning this Monday, May 13 is the one that tells us to stand up for ourselves and make it known: we are worthy. We demand respect. We are not here to be taken advantage of. We are strong and we will say NO if we mean NO. Boundaries: drawn.

3 zodiac signs whose relationships drastically improve on May 13

1. Gemini

You've stuck around for just so much of what you believe to be abuse when it comes to how certain people in your life treat you. Enough is enough, and on May 13, you're going to make some changes in your life, Gemini. You know who you are, and while apparently there are some people around whom you cannot seem to find your value, it's time for you to turn your back on them. No more!


Moon opposite Pluto is all about change, and this Monday, May 13, is when you're going to know, for a fact, that you've been devalued in the face of those you work with and that from this day forward, you're not going to take it. You don't care about the consequences because being true to yourself is more important than knowing someone else's conception of who you are.

The big surprise here is that this is where things make a drastic turnaround for the positive. When you show others that you are a self-respecting person who will not stand by and watch as they are defamed, you'll notice that suddenly, everyone respects you. Sometimes, it's all about making people understand where you're coming from, and on May 13, your point will be made.

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2. Sagittarius

You've seen how you can give and give and give, and the odd thing about this is that you've come to notice, over the years, that this is what people expect you to do as if you were some kind of machine. You are not a machine, Sagittarius, and on May 13, you will make this known to those you feel have devalued you. You are strong and wise, and you've taken as much as possible.


You may not have stood up for yourself in the past, which allowed people to think that you were there to take it and take it and take it, but no more. During the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, you'll show them once and for all that not only are you NOT a machine, but that you are a person of power and value. You know your worth and you will make sure that everyone around you feels it.

This is where you regain your self-esteem and set yourself up for the rest of your life. Knowing you're a powerhouse isn't enough if you continue to let yourself be taken advantage of, but when you do, finally let it be known, oh my, the power rush you'll experience. It's good to be King, as they say, and you are definitely in full possession of your crown.

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3. Pisces

Being a soft and sensitive person doesn't necessarily mean you're a pushover, as you've started to notice in your life when it comes to how others perceive you. You are just as strong and mighty as any other warrior on the block, but your soft side has made others think you are weak or unworthy of certain kinds of respect. This irks you, but you know better. You know your worth.


The Moon opposite Pluto will make you realize you don't need to take it. You've been pushed aside by those who don't see you as having the guts to complete your task, and that's just not true. You feel as though people in your life clearly do not know who you are or what you are worth, and you mean to show them on Monday, May 13.

As soon as you leave your comfort zone, there's no going back in, and you'll see how this affects those around you. If someone in your life still doesn't quite understand that you're not about to stand for it any longer, you'll show them. You are so much stronger than anyone gives you credit for, but after May 13, they may just get the hint.

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