3 Zodiac Signs Are Ready To Make A Long-Term Commitment On May 6

Are we ready to 'put a ring on it' even if this commitment isn't about marriage?

3 Zodiac Signs Are Ready To Make A Long-Term Commitment On May 6 Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash / sketchify, Sourabh Shinde and Blixa 6 Studios via Canva

We may find that we need time to think things through this Monday. There's something on our minds, and we can't just rush to get an answer. We need to deliberate and contemplate, and so much of what's on our minds is that idea of whether or not the whole idea of commitment is for us or not. The irony here is that we may have wanted this relationship for a long time, and now that we have it and are living it out, we are finding that we are doubting our part in it. Can we do this? Can we commit?


The truth is, we can if we want, but that doesn't mean we can say this 'out loud' just yet. We've got Moon conjunct Mercury hovering alongside us and this transit has put us in a meditation of sorts; we may love the person we are with, very much, but are we ready to 'say yes to the dress' as they say. Are we ready to 'put a ring on it' even if this commitment isn't about marriage?


Our partners are curious about our answer, and now that we have the chance to think it over, we aren't sure, either. During Moon conjunct Mercury, we analyze everything, and while the idea of romantic commitment might just be the answer to all of our questions, we three zodiac signs don't feel comfortable just diving in; we need to bide our time and think. This is a big thing, after all. Commitment is ... well, commitment.

3 zodiac signs are ready to make a long-term commitment on May 6

1. Leo

You are very honest with yourself about how you're feeling lately. It's May 6, and you know that your romantic partner has been pressuring you to tell them what you think the future will be like for the two of you. And no, this isn't about you making predictions; it is about you telling them that you are here to be permanently with them in a committed relationship.

Monday has you feeling every bit of the stress of transit, Moon conjunct Mercury. You love your person, it's true, but are you the one for them? You fully recognize that this may all be in your head and that the idea of commitment now feels like a prison sentence or does it? Are you making a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be? Or are you not capable of committing to this person?

During Moon conjunct Mercury, you can't escape your true feelings, and you'll see that when you've finished contemplating the pros and cons of romantic commitment, you'll conclude, yes, it's a good idea. You have confronted your fears, and you've gallantly gotten past them. You are brave, and this is, indeed, a brave move on your part, Leo.


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2. Virgo

You feel as though you aren't quite ready to label the relationship you're in. Even though you know yourself to be a person who really desires commitment and the security that comes with it, you still feel like if you actually say it aloud, you could jinx the whole relationship. Of course, this is all in your mind—and you know it. You're just looking for ways to buy time, as this is a heavy move, and you want to do the right thing.

During the Moon's conjunct Mercury, you won't be able to lie to yourself about your true feelings about commitment. On one hand, it's all you've ever wanted, and the idea that the person who is right in front of you now would like you to tell them that you really are ready for this is a dream come true. On the other hand, you feel as though you're about to give something up, and that makes you shaky and unsteady.

It's just a matter of adjusting to the idea of calling it commitment, as that's what you've been doing anyway. You may not have labeled the relationship as committed, but you've been living that way, so what's the use of fearing a word? You'll see this on Monday, Virgo. You'll see that you're already there, so why not call it a commitment...it's a good thing, and honestly, it's what you want anyway.


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3. Pisces

You don't wish to date more than one person at a time. You're made for the committed relationship kind of life. On Monday, May 6, you'll find that this is really who you are. So, when your present partner asks you if you are interested in staying with them, you'll be surprised at your own reaction: You need to think about this before giving them a direct answer.

During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you feel like you owe it to yourself to think it over before jumping in. Yes, you love the idea of commitment, but is this the person you want to share your life with? You know the answer to that already, Pisces, but you are also smart and practical and don't want to waste anyone's time, least of all your own.

To give this person a decent and timely answer, you may have to ask them a few questions first. This is big, after all, and you want the result to lead to happiness. So, before you commit, you will ask them what their intentions are and share exactly what's on your mind. It's worth your while to investigate before leaping in, as this is, after all, your life we're talking about here. Take your time, and ask the right questions.


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