3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve Creating Luck In Love On May 5

Picky, picky, picky.

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It's Sunday, and the waning crescent Moon in Aries tells us to slow down. The intense amount of Aries energy we've been holding on to these days may have made us on edge and perhaps a little picky, especially when it comes to how we deal with our romantic partners and their habits.

Hey, we all have our quirks and weirdnesses. While adapting to the ways of others is required if we are to be the social animals that we are, we sometimes cannot stand the habits we see. This is always the case when it's about couples living together or otherwise. It's hard to get used to your partner's oddball habits, and on May 5, three zodiac signs will have to either adapt or go out of their ever-loving skulls.


The good part is that, as soon as we realize that we signed on for this, we can adapt, as we may find that this is a good time to be grateful rather than picky. If we are lucky enough to have a partner we can trust, who loves us, and whom we love with our whole heart, then we can find it in our hearts to forgive them their fingernail cuttings, if you know what I mean. Well, we can work on that one, at least. May 5 will make us more accepting, which we can look forward to.


3 zodiac signs whose relationships improve, creating luck in love on May 5

1. Taurus

What's interesting about May 5 is that you aren't as attached to the anger you felt only a day or two ago. There's a feeling of release that comes along with this day's transit, the waning crescent Moon in Aries, and it's going to pay off big time when it comes to you and your romantic relationship. This is a good time to pull back on your judgment; is your partner perfect? No, but are you? Also, no.

Being with a person for the long haul is just that: a long haul, but if we're to last as strong couples in a rough world, then we'll have to learn how to handle the habits of our loved ones. This isn't about enabling 'their' bad habits but more about learning to live with their reality. For you, Taurus, this lesson took a while to sink in.

While you're pretty much one of the most easygoing zodiac signs we've got, you're also a little nit-picky at times, and in the last couple of days or so, you've taken your partner to task over things that are unique to them, as in habits, styles, opinions or preference. You'll feel equality this Sunday as you realize you're just as much of a handful as they are. This humbles you, but it also has you laughing at yourself, and that's a good thing!

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2. Aquarius

One of the main reasons you were hesitant to even be in a relationship with the person you are now with is that you didn't want to have to deal with their 'reality,' meaning their household habits. You are a little Picayune, and when you notice someone doing something that taps on your pet peeves, you want to bolt out the door at lightning speed.

May 5 shows you that, no matter what, people will be people, and habits tend to die hard, so don't get your hopes up too much. Your partner is not about to change, and so much of that is because they can't change. Their habits are ingrained and have been that way for years and years. It's more along the lines of you having to deal with what they've got, and honestly, Aquarius, it's no biggie.

What makes this day so curious is that during the waning crescent Moon in Aries, you won't be as concerned with their habits, and you'll notice that being less attached makes you feel better about this person. So, if you don't pick them apart, you free yourself. Now, that sounds like a good deal. You know that you're not as uptight as you thought you were. Good going!

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3. Pisces

You're an open-minded person, Pisces, and you've come to accept that the person you are in love with, while not perfect, is also pretty fantastic. Their fantasticness is what you accept them for who they are, as they are. That's a tall order, considering they have some of the most annoying habits you'll ever experience.

Still, during the waning crescent Moon in Aries on Sunday, you'll be more apt to let their habits slide, as you don't feel you have the right to step in and try to change a person. Your partner greatly appreciates the fact that you let them live their lives. Live and let live is the house motto, and you both can practice it in earnest.

You can feel your energy slowing down because we've got a waning crescent Moon in Aries. Whatever energy you have left is not something you want to spend condemning your partner for not putting the toilet seat down. It is what it is, and that's your 'go-to' attitude now. You know what, Pisces? You're making life easy for both of you this way, so if you can handle it, keep it up. Here's to a happy life!


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