3 Zodiac Signs Avoid Toxic Relationships On May 2

Pluto retrograde's first day brings a whole lot of unsolicited advice.

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Have you ever had someone tell you to snap out of it and get real? While it may feel nervy and unsolicited, many of us go about our business, 'our way.' For some reason, there's always someone in our lives who feels the need to 'set us straight.' We may have our own goals and dreams, but we rub others the wrong way. They, in their way, feel they have to separate us from 'our fantasy lives.'

On Thursday, May 2, we'll see just one of the ways that Pluto retrograde shows up in our lives, and for three zodiac signs, we may see a whole lot of 'intervention.' People wish to change us, and we don't want to be changed. Being that Pluto is all about change and direction, we may find that we're doing just fine without all the advice and help. We just want to be ourselves, fantasy life or not.


Still, whether we believe in our lifestyle or not, we could let those unsolicited words get into our minds, and we may let them undermine us. May 2 will test our patience and have us feeling a little defensive. We may say things like, "Mind your own business," or "Did I ask you?" Pluto retrograde's first day in town brings a lot of unasked-for advice, and these zodiac signs draw the line.


3 zodiac signs avoid toxic relationships on May 2

1. Gemini

You have built up an entire inner life. While this brings immense pleasure, you can attract naysayers into your world. These folks can't keep their opinions of your life to themselves. You'll find that on May 2, during the Pluto retrograde, your business is everyone's business, and you may feel oppressed by it — so much so that you could snap at someone for chiming in.

You believe you'll always be the different one in the crowd, and you like it that way. You are proud to be an original, and you're already used to the idea that people don't get you. That's OK. The only trouble with Thursday's transit is that everyone keeps 'sharing their opinion' with you, and you seriously have not asked.

Being as unique and individual as you are, you'll be so used to receiving these unsolicited opinions that you'll see the events as just another day in your life. You've been there, done that, and now you're ready to give a TED talk on how to ignore the opinions of others. A lesser person would not handle it as suavely as you will, Gemini. So they have an opinion on how to live your life, and that's a good one.

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2. Virgo

Whether you do it to protect yourself or this is just the way it is for you, you've got this private inner life that borders on fantasy, and you use it to cope. This is not a rare thing, but for those of us who can escape through fantasy, more power to us. It may not be the most applauded thing, but others don't understand how wonderful it is to live a fantasy life on the side.

May 2 brings with it Pluto's retrograde, slowing everything down. You know what you're doing is the right thing. Going at your own pace makes you happy, and your happiness seems to upset a few people during this time. That is mainly because they are either jealous that you've found a way to cope or because they can't let a person just 'be.'

What's truly remarkable about you, Virgo, is that you know all this negativity exists. Yet you insist on finding new ways to improve your world. You aren't about to add to the negativity, certainly not this Thursday during the retrograde. What you've learned in this life is to work with your obstacles, and if those obstacles turn out to be people, then you do your best to smile and listen.



3. Capricorn

If there's one thing you feel you can count on, it's your brain, Capricorn. That big brain of yours has come up with some outrageously amazing ideas in its time. You continuously think outside the box and angered others who perhaps have less imagination than you do. That's never bothered you, and during the Pluto retrograde, while it tries to get under your skin, it doesn't.

This day tries to get on your nerves but you won't let it. Thursday is a good time for you to check in with how you're feeling, as there will be people in your life who might find it to be the right time to either judge you or tell you that you're just plain wrong on a topic that you know you can't be wrong on. You know who you are, and while it might be annoying to have others intervene, you'll treat their opinions as lightweight and inconsequential.

The great part about being you, Capricorn, is that you know you're right. You are very susceptible to Pluto's pull, and in your case, that pull works for you. You will go at your own pace, and you will think the way you want to think despite the judgment of others. You might even suggest to these naysayers that they stop and think hard before they speak, as they, too, could learn something from you. You are unperturbed on May 2.


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