2 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Inner Truth & Experience Magical Abundance On May 5

Trust in your intuition.

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Your intuition is a part of your higher self that comes through to guide you to an abundant life. It's challenging to hear your intuition. You have to deviate from your plans, take a risk, and venture out into the unknown. Intuition leads to more amazingness than you can fathom. Listening to your intuition isn’t just to walk a path of magic but to reach true abundance.

On Sunday, May 5, the North Node and Moon unite in Aries, giving you a keen sense of intuition. You can sense what your fate is and how it can bring you the greatest emotional fulfillment. The North Node rules over your soul contract and your best life, but it's something you need to choose for yourself. The North Node will meet the Moon, ruler of your emotional body, to give you the ability to clearly hear your intuition.

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 It will guide you where you are meant to be. The Moon is said to rule the truth, as it represents the most authentic part of yourself. Use this time to tune into your inner self. Hold space for what arises, and remain committed to manifesting a life of overflowing abundance.


2 zodiac signs find their inner truth and magical experience abundance on May 5

1. Aries abundance affirmation: I am pursuing a life of truth and abundance.

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With so much planetary action in your zodiac signs recently, you’ve been focused on your personal life, self-worth, and finances. The most important part of all these changes are the ones that are happening within yourself. Your zodiac season of Aries may well be behind you now. That doesn’t mean the opportunities for greater growth are finished, as this will be a central focus in your life through 2025. The best part of all of it is that you are finally creating a life that resonates with your soul.

On Sunday, the North Node and Moon will align in Aries, helping you to honor more of your truth and emotions. Aries governs your house of self, which includes your beliefs, wants, needs, and authenticity meaning how much you make choices based on your inner self versus the opinions of others in your life. Lucky for you, 2024 is all about learning, and honoring a life that is solely yours is one of the most abundant acts you can choose. With the North Node representing your fate and the Moon your emotions, this is a time to let yourself validate what it is that you want for your life and how important your happiness has become to you.


Your intuition is leading you forward, into a new direction and life. To ensure you are on the right path, you need to make sure that you are also honoring your feelings as well as what you want to create. Use the energy of the North Node and Moon in Aries to take stock of what this year has brought so far. Then let the desires of your soul rise to the surface so that the plans you make from this point on are those that you believe in with your whole heart – after all, that is the best way to create a life of truth and abundance.


2. Sagittarius abundance affirmation: I am manifesting abundant joy in my life.

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 5, 2024 Tamara Hall | Canva Pro


Although it’s now Taurus Season, the ongoing activity in the fellow fire sign of Aries is one that is helping you surge forward in your life and many ways, also get back to basics. You are one of the dreamers of the zodiac, always coming up with new ideas, pursuits, and adventures. One of the things you don’t always consider is how these different opportunities will affect your happiness. Happiness is truly part of what you need to be a part of the foundation for your life, and when you honor that first, any other dream becomes all that much easier to manifest.

The North Node and Moon will align in Aries on Sunday, in your house of joy and creativity helping you remember the importance of being in love with your life and genuinely happy. This area of your life may also bring in romantic abundance through a significant commitment, so long as the person you choose is also one that adds to the overall value of your life. Whether or not you are looking to walk down the aisle or not, the energy of the North Node and the Moon can help you have more clarity on what is or will add greater joy into your life. Don’t underestimate the importance of having joy in your life each day, as it’s important to not just be successful in your life, but also genuinely happy with all you create.

As the North Node and Moon align make space to prioritize your happiness. This will especially be true if you’ve been busy with work or accomplishing goals recently as you also need to ensure you are creating time for what brings you the greatest happiness. The North Node is helping you to find your way and create a phase of your life where you’re not only experiencing greater joy but able to use your natural talents. You’ll find more peace in the every day. One of the most important tools to discern what to continue investing energy into is how it makes you feel, because once you decide you will only accept joy and peace, then that is also all you will attract.



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